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“You look fit to be tied.” I look up to see Butch and Paine waiting for me outside the bar.

“Don’t want to fucking talk about it.” My voice is firm but holds a little more emotion in it than I like, but they both just nod, getting it. That’s the great thing about having male friends. They don’t make you talk things to death. You say, “Conversation over,” and it wraps up pretty quickly.

Butch and I follow Paine in, and I can tell Paine is in just as much of a pissy mood as I am. The only one who looks like someone hasn’t kicked their puppy is Butch, but he’s always got a stupid easy smile on his face.

Without asking, Jake the bartender slides us our drinks, and I quickly grab my beer, thinking I’m going to need something stronger tonight.

“There’s a bachelorette party happening here tonight if you guys are looking for some action,” Jake says, making me roll my eyes as I take my seat next to Paine.

“Point me in the right direction, Jake. You know I’m always looking for some fresh trim in this town.” Butch straightens and gives the crowd a once-over as Jake points towards the dance floor.

Not being able to help myself, I follow Jake’s finger to see who Butch’s prey for the night will be.

Suddenly, Butch is laughing and looking back, and I see why when I catch the blonde hair of the woman who ran out of the shop today with Paine hot on her ass.

“Looks like that rich chick with the Porsche is the bride-to-be,” Butch says in a teasing tone, and I see Paine grip his beer bottle so tightly I’m shocked it doesn’t shatter in his hand.

I reach out and grab his bottle as his eyes meet mine. “I’ll hold it for you, boss,” I tell Paine because I know where he’s heading. Straight for the dance floor to get the girl Butch is following. I down my beer and order another, enjoying sitting at the bar by myself. I don’t feel like being social.

My phone buzzes across the bar top, and I check the message. I should turn it off because I know it can only be one person, but like a masochist, I click the message.

Law: Sweets, text me back. You got me worried.

He’s fucking worried? Is he worried while he’s got his dick in some other chick’s cunt? The thought knocks the air out of my lungs. I motion for another drink, and Jake drops it down in front of me moments later.

Paine sits down next to me, and I don’t comment on where the little blonde went. Hell, I even see Butch behind me in the mirror over the bar, hitting on some chick. Are all men alike? I can’t believe I let myself think I found something different.

My phone buzzes again.

Law: Damn it, Joey, answer me or I’m going to spank your pussy when I get my hands on you.

How can he fucking talk to me like that when he’s out with another woman!

Me: Why don’t you spank the pussy of the blonde you were having dinner with. You know, the one you introduced to your family.

With that, I power off my phone. I don’t want to read his excuses, or worse, see that he doesn’t respond at all. He probably knows he got busted, so I’m sure he’s done with me.

“Penelope,” Paine mumbles next to me for the tenth time since he sat down, taking another pull from his beer.

“If you say that word one more time, I’m going to knock you off that fucking stool,” I tell him. Can’t we both wallow in our misery in silence? I’m just thankful the bar finally turned the music down since the bachelorette party left.

“I fucked up,” Paine says, looking over at me while I fiddle with the paper on my beer bottle. I pull it off and stick it back on, annoyed at everything.

“Yeah, you did. You went after something you can’t have and you shouldn’t want,” I tell him as I meet his eyes. We both went after people who were out of our league and in a class we’d never understand. Law may just be a sheriff, but he comes from old money. Hell, his dad is the goddamn Mayor.

“Evening, Sheriff. What can I do for you tonight?” the bartender says. My eyes snap to the mirror behind the bar, and I seeing Law standing five feet back from Paine and me. My whole body locks up, and I grab my beer, wanting something to hold on to. Play it cool, I repeat over and over again in my head. I’ve given him enough of myself. I won’t give him anymore. He’s already seen parts of me no one else ever has. The girl who lies beneath my layers. One who is going back into hiding to lick her wounds.

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