The ‘Staff Only’ door opened as she spoke and the equipment, which had been hired from a private hospital, was wheeled through. ‘This way,’ Astrid instructed. The bodyguard followed her and waited for Melody.

‘Uh… I’ll be there in a moment. Tell Andy to get things started,’ she ordered, and the bodyguard shut the door behind him.

‘Doing a little private consulting?’ George asked, his tone husky. He didn’t move. They simply stood there, staring at each other. Melody’s gaze raked over him again and she realised his feet were bare. He looked so…different out of his suit. Relaxed, gorgeous and dangerously sexy!


HER HEART HAMMERED wildly against her ribs and she was positive he could hear it. Melody tried to swallow but found her throat completely dry. ‘I…um…hope the…um…’ She trailed off as he took a small step towards her. Her breathing increased and she parted her lips to allow the air to escape more easily, her gaze never once leaving his.

Again, he moved, slowly closing the distance between them. Melody took an involuntary step backwards, only to encounter the wall once more. He was like a lion stalking his prey—slowly, cautiously. She couldn’t move even if she wanted to. She was mesmerised by him.

With a few more steps he was standing before her. In her high-heeled shoes, their gazes were almost level. Her gaze flicked to his lips and saw them part.

‘Oh,’ she gasped as he raised his hands and placed them on the wall on either side of her head. Her breathing was now so utterly out of control there was no hiding just how much this man affected her. She’d been attracted to other men in the past but never had it been this intense.

She looked up into his eyes, noting the mounting desire in him as George slowly leaned closer. His clean, fresh scent only heightened her awareness of him.

‘You were saying?’ His deep voice washed over her and Melody’s eyelids fluttered closed, savouring the moment. She opened them again and looked longingly at his lips.


‘Didn’t you want to…ask me something?’

Did she? She had no idea. Her brain failed her, her only conscious thought being that if George didn’t kiss her, she’d go insane. The effect he had on her senses was sending them spiralling out of control. Her body was in tune with his as she silently urged him to come even closer.

How much longer was he going to torture them? If she could get her arms to move, she’d reach out and bring his lips to hers. She was paralysed, no, hypnotised and there was nothing she could do about it, such was the effect George had on her.

‘Captivating,’ he whispered. Never before had he felt like this. It had to be right—but even if it was wrong there was no denying that the only thing he wanted to do right at this very second was to claim Melody’s luscious lips in a mind-shattering kiss. A kiss that would satisfy them both—of that he was absolutely sure.

Closer and closer he came until his breath was mixing with hers. Melody closed her eyes, unable to summon the strength to keep them open. She waited—waited impatiently for his mouth to touch hers while still enjoying the sensations he was evoking throughout her body.

The click of a door being opened, together with Andy’s voice saying, ‘I’ll check with Melody,’ penetrated the sensual haze with a jolt.

Melody’s eyes snapped open, her limbs came to life and she quickly ducked under George’s arm, trying to compose herself. Her legs were like jelly and as she took a step away she stumbled.

‘Hey, Melody,’ Andy said as he spotted her and then quickly held out a steadying hand. ‘You all right?’

Not trusting herself to speak, she nodded.

‘George?’ Andy looked past her and Melody risked a glance over her shoulder. He was casually leaning against the wall, his hands in his jeans pockets.


‘Are you staying on this floor?’

‘Yes, a few doors down.’ He kept his gaze away from Melody’s, although the way she’d looked a few seconds ago would now be burned in his memory for ever. Her face had been turned expectantly up towards his, her lips parted, her eyes closed, her skin tinged with a faint pink glow. Beautiful! ‘I hear Rudy Carlew’s one of my neighbours.’ He forced himself to ease away from the wall.

He was determined to ensure Andy didn’t pick up on the sexual tension that existed between Melody and himself. He needed to protect her as best he could and if that meant not looking at her then he wouldn’t.

‘Yeah, and Melody and I are his doctors,’ Andy said excitedly. ‘Come and say g’day,’ he urged, and knocked on the closed hotel door. It was opened by one of the bodyguards and Andy headed in.