‘I was.’ He glanced at the computer screen and winced. ‘Ouch.’ He frowned at the image. ‘What on earth happened to your patient?’

‘She caught her hand in a conveyor belt. I’ll be using this case for my research.’ Melody glanced at the clock. ‘I want to get to Theatre soon to make a start on it.’ Why was she so aware of him? She closed the file on the computer and went to turn the monitor off but accidentally brushed his leg with the back of her hand. An explosion, similar to fireworks, burst through her, and her eyelids fluttered closed for a brief second. When she glanced at him, it was to discover he was gazing down at her with burning desire.

* * *

George fought hard for control but it wasn’t easy. She set him on fire. With the mildest touch, with the momentary flutter of her eyes, with the perfume that was driving him insane. She set him on fire and he was sick of dousing the flames.

He fought for something to say. ‘Er…how many reconstructions have you done like this one?’ He couldn’t help the huskiness that accompanied his words and as Melody looked away, he feasted his eyes on the slender, smooth skin of her neck. Her hair was clipped back at her nape and he remembered how incredible it had looked flowing freely around her face last night.

‘Um…quite a few.’ She shifted her chair slightly, trying to put a bit of distance between them without appearing rude.

‘Are you operating in the theatre with the viewing gallery?’




‘This type of operation should be recorded for future reference.’

‘There are already a few in the hospital’s library,’ she told him as she gathered her notes, and he noticed her hands weren’t quite steady.

‘Ones you’ve done?’ He could see she was getting ready to take flight and he wanted to stop her. If he edged a little to the side and bent his head, he was positive he’d be able to capture her sweet lips in his. Lips he ached to taste.


‘I’m impressed.’

‘Really?’ She looked up at him from where she sat, warmed by his praise. Here was a man who had worked with some of the finest surgeons in the world, and he was impressed because some of her operations had been recorded?

‘Yes.’ He gazed into her eyes and leaned closer. ‘I know only the most impressive surgery is recorded.’ Unable to resist touching her any longer, he reached out and tenderly ran his fingers down her cheek, bringing them to rest beneath her chin. ‘Melody.’ As he breathed her name, he lifted her chin slightly, angling her head towards his.

Melody gazed at him, her heart pounding wildly against her ribs. He was going to kiss her. This time, for sure, he was going to kiss her. She watched from beneath her lashes as his head slowly drew closer. She shouldn’t be doing this. She had an operation to concentrate on.

‘George… I—’ She didn’t manage to finish her sentence as his mouth finally made contact with hers, and she gasped with anticipatory delight. George groaned as she leaned closer to him. Her lips were soft and pliable, just as he’d known they would be.

Melody sighed and opened her mouth beneath his subtle urging, elated to finally give in to her feelings. He tasted like chocolate and coffee—both sweet and addictive.

Without breaking contact, his hands cupped her face, urging her closer, and she edged from her chair, reaching out for him as she moved to stand in front of him. She was amazed to find her usually wobbly legs were willing to support her.

He shifted to accommodate her, his hands sliding around her back as he deepened the kiss. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined torture could be so agonisingly delightful. She simply melted into his embrace as though they’d been made for each other. The realisation only increased the overpowering emotions swamping him.

Fireworks like she’d never felt before exploded one after the other throughout her body, each new burst sending her senses spiralling out of control. This was impossible. Never before had she been so overwhelmed by a kiss. Then again, this wasn’t any ordinary kiss. The spark that flowed freely between them now, had been repressed for two and a half full days, building and simmering within, only to be unleashed with such intensity.

Her hands were pressed against his chest and she could feel the contours of his firm, muscled torso beneath his cotton shirt. Delighted at being able to touch him at last, she slid her hands up his chest, entwining them about his neck, her fingers plunging into his rich, dark hair. A low guttural sound, primitive, came from him and she revelled in her power.

His hands slid ever so slowly down her sides, his fingers splayed, moulding her ribs. His thumbs lightly brushed the underside of her breasts and she gasped in shock as yet another wave of pleasure coursed through her.

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