William gives me a wink as he slides over my new drink, but this time it’s blue. Donny grabs his and leans over the bar. “So what time do you get off tonight?”

William smirks. “Midnight.”

“Well when the clock strikes twelve, your Prince Charming will be waiting.” He turns his body, and I loop my arm with his as we walk back to our table top.

“You’re cheesy as hell.” I giggle. “But I think he appreciated it.”

“Oh he totally did, but I hope he knows I wasn’t kidding.”

I glance at Donny, and he tilts his head at me as we set our drinks on the table top. My eyes already feel heavy. I’ve officially drank too much too fast, so mission accomplished.

“I could’ve sworn he wanted you too,” he tells me, holding his straw as he sips.

“I know, right? I got the same vibe. Maybe he swings both ways?” I joke, knowing it really riles him up.

Donny chuckles. “Well if he does, then all it’ll take is one night with me and he’ll forget about women altogether. Guaranteed.”

Laughter rolls out of me.

“Don’t look,” he says in a singsong voice, looking right past me. “Oh no, she didn’t.”

I want to turn around so badly, but it’d be obvious. “Just tell me!” I whisper-shout.

“Veronica totally just fed Hayden a mini quiche.” He bends over, snickering. “I might shit myself. That was so awkward. She basically dropped it on his suit.”

“Yep. I still hate her,” I add.

“She’s trying too hard. I can tell by the way he’s dismissing her that he’s not into her that way.”

My eyes light up, maybe a little too much. “Really?”

He nods. “I’m ninety-nine percent sure she’s a pity date. It’s sooooo obvious.”

When I snort and can’t contain my loud laugh, I cover my mouth, hoping I didn’t draw too much attention to myself. Though I love the spotlight on me on the stage, I don’t in real-life social situations like this.

“Oolala. Who’s that good-looking guy with them?” His voice manages to go up an octave.

“You told me not to look!” I say between gritted teeth, then nonchalantly walk around the table so I’m standing next to Donny. I really feel like we’re back in high school again, whispering about all the cool kids while sitting at our own lunch table. Some things really don’t change.

“That’s Hayden’s little brother, Hunter,” I tell him matter-of-factly.

“He. Is. Divine,” Donny says with a shake of his head.

My eyes go wide. “Don’t you dare get any ideas.”

Placing his hand over his heart, he flutters his eyelashes at me. “Don’t you trust me, darling?”

“No!” I snort.

After I finish my drink, I place my empty glass on the table. A nice older woman politely asks everyone to move to the dinner area because the newlyweds will be arriving soon.

I look at Donny. “I’m gonna grab our number place cards and find out which table we’re sitting at. Run over to the bar real quick and get us a refill. You might as well get the bartender’s number while you’re there too?” I smirk.

“Good idea.” He shoots me a wink before rushing toward the bar. I go over and quickly find our names, then look at the picture frames filled with pictures of Lena and her husband on display. When I arrive back to our table top, Donny walks up with two purple drinks.

“Careful. This one is more dangerous than the previous ones.” He hands it over. I playfully roll my eyes at him and take a big gulp. This might possibly taste better than the last two. Glancing around, I notice the bar area is almost empty, so Donny and I walk to our assigned dinner table and await the bride and groom. He wraps his arm around me and steadies me because with each sip I take, the more unbalanced I become, plus the tall ass heels aren’t helping.

Donny and I end up sitting with people we don’t know, and I’m actually relieved not to have to make small talk with anyone from my past. Glowing candles on the table create a warm ambience in the dimmed room. Flower arrangements made from different colored roses are in tall vases in the center, and I’m in awe at how beautiful everything looks. I’m so happy for Lena because when we were teenagers, she always talked about her dream wedding, and she’s finally getting it.

Being the friendly extrovert he is, Donny introduces himself to each person sitting with us, and I smile and introduce myself as well. Just as he turns to tell me something, the DJ comes over the loudspeaker and begins to announce the wedding party.

They’ve all picked out songs and enter with silly dances, which makes me laugh. Soon Lena and her husband are entering, and the crowd goes wild. Her husband pulls her into his arms, dips her, and kisses the hell out of her.

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