“Oh, duh!” She slaps her forehead, and it actually makes her take a step back. “Shit, whoops.”

“Do you always drink this much, Sav? Or was tonight a…special occasion?”

“Also, you got scruffy!” She moves her hand to my chin and twirls a finger in my beard. “You didn’t have facial hair like this back then,” she blurts out.

I burst out laughing. As much as I’d prefer her sober so we could talk, I’m amused by this side of her. We were too young to drink when we were together, though we did sneak into some parties where getting drunk meant a red Solo cup of beer and a couple of shots of Jäger. I’m about to speak when her fingers brush along my neck, and the softness of her skin sends an electric current through me. Fuck me.

“Well, I was eighteen. A lot has changed since then,” I remind her.

“Right.” She awkwardly pulls back, and then mutters, “This is the slowest elevator ever.”

“What?” I turn and look at her.

“Shit.” Her face turns red as she squeezes her eyes shut. “I didn’t mean to say that aloud. Sorry. It’s not because of you. I mean, yeah it is, but I really have to pee. Or throw up.” Her nervous chatter makes me think that she’s as affected by seeing me tonight as I am about seeing her.

The doors fortunately open, and I rest my hand on the small of her back to guide her through. I walk us in the direction of her room, then ask for her room key.

“It’s in my purse,” she tells me, giving me permission to go through it.

I dig around like a hurricane for it and finally see it at the bottom. Once I pull it out, I realize I grabbed a condom with it.

“Uh, here you go.” I hand the purse back. “And this.”

Her eyes widen, and she quickly snatches it from my fingers. “That’s not mine.”

“Relax, Sav. I’m not a cop.” I snort-laugh, but she’s not amused.

Once I get the door open, I hold it open for her and flick on the lights.

“It’s Donny’s. He thinks he’s funny, putting condoms in there and stuff,” she tells me as we make our way inside her room.

“Well, I’m relieved he’s using protection.” I hold back a smile because I know she’s embarrassed. It’s not like we’re kids anymore, so she really has no reason to be.

Savannah tosses her purse on the dresser, and I set down her shoes. I walk to her and can tell she’s trying really hard to steady herself while she sways. As she catches herself, I quickly grab her waist.

“Let me help you get undressed. I promise not to look.” I grin, trying to hold eye contact.

She flashes a smile in return, which I fucking love. Savannah has a gorgeous smile, and I could look at every single day of my life.

“It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, Hayden.” She shrugs.

Purposely, I gaze down her face, between her breasts, and all the way down her legs. “I don’t know about that, Sav. I don’t think you had curves like this in high school. I’m not the only one who’s changed,” I tell her, smirking.

“Stop gawking,” she taunts, slapping a hand on my chest. I catch it and hold her there, needing to feel the contact. There’s so much I don’t know about Savannah anymore, and every part of me wants to tear down her walls and escape in her soul again.

“I was admiring,” I finally say. “Couldn’t help myself.”

“Then you better undress me.”

Fucking hell.

Drunk Sav is testing my willpower, and right now it’s about to snap.

“Turn around,” I demand. Her hand falls from my chest, and she does as I say. I brush her hair over one shoulder, letting my fingers graze along her soft skin as I make my way to the zipper of her dress. It goes down the length of her back, and I lower it slowly. One of my hands slides down her spine, and she shudders beneath my touch. Once it’s completely unzipped, I bring my hands to her shoulders and push the fabric down her arms.

The dress falls into a pool at her feet, and the moment Savannah turns around to face me, my heart pounds rapidly and lodges into my throat. She’s wearing a strapless bra that hides nothing. One small flick of the cup would expose her nipple.

I swallow hard, reminding myself she’s drunk and to be a gentleman. But then my eyes slide down and take in the lacy panties, and I’m two seconds away from falling to my knees to worship the sweetness between her legs.

“Hayden,” she says my name with a whisper, and I almost don’t hear it.

Blinking, I force my eyes to hers and see the lust in them. Knowing she’s not staying past the weekend and that we never had closure, making a move right now would be the dumbest thing to do.

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