“Sure.” I smile and nod, and then just like that, he walks out.

The door shuts behind him, and as I sit down on the bed, I relive the entire morning in my mind. Waking up, seeing him in my room, his words, his laughter, the way he looked at me—it all made me realize how much I truly miss him.

Meeting for lunch is a bad idea.

It’ll only open old wounds.

Painful memories.

I decide to text Donny and ask for his opinion.

After I scold him first, of course.

Savannah: Wanna explain why I woke up with Hayden in my room this morning?

Donny: Ooh, in your bed? Tell me allllllll the details, girl.

Savannah: No, not in my bed! What the hell happened to you last night?

Donny: I was gettin’ my flirt on and Boy Toy said he was taking you back to your room. Should I have said no?

I groan, hearing his sassy voice in my head as I read his texts.

Savannah: Considering I acted like a total fool, I should knee you in the junk. But he also took care of me when I puked and could barely stand.

Donny: Always the sweetheart. *heart-eyes emoji*

Savannah: Exactly. He should be bitter and angry with me, though.

Donny: It’s been 10 years, babe. I’m sure he’s not mad about that anymore.

Savannah: Well, he wants to go to lunch and “catch up.” Idk what to do?

Donny: Why is that even a question? GO! Plus, girl gotsta eat!

I laugh, shaking my head at his ridiculousness.

Savannah: I mean, it could just be two friends catching up, right? We’ll be in a public area and lunch setting, so it won’t mean anything.

Donny: That’s it, girl. Keep telling yourself that.

“Ugh.” I groan, sending him a middle-finger emoji in response.

What’s the harm?

“Screw it,” I mutter and pace the room. “It’s just lunch. We’re adults. No reason this has to be weird.”

After my little pep talk, I sit on the edge of the bed and start a new text message.

Savannah: Okay, let’s do lunch. Just let me know where you want to meet, and I can Uber there.

The three little dots appear, and my stomach tightens, waiting for his response.

Hayden: I’ll pick you up. How about one?

I look at the time. That gives me a couple of hours to shower and look human again.

Savannah: Okay, sounds good. Meet you in the lobby.

Hayden: I’ll come to your door, Sav. I’m a gentleman ;)

Those damn butterflies reappear, and I know I’m so fucking doomed.

I take a nice, hot shower and even shave my legs, only because I plan on wearing a sundress. It’s a pleasant summer day and has nothing to do with the fact that I’m seeing Hayden or so I tell myself.

Once I’m dressed, I blow dry my hair. It’s so thick it takes at least forty minutes to thoroughly dry. I don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard, so I do a side braid and let it rest over my left shoulder. I put on makeup but just the bare basics. Foundation, mascara, colored lip balm. I have to wear heavy makeup on stage, so I typically don’t like to wear too much in everyday situations.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I contemplate if I’m dressed up enough or if I’m overdone. Shit. I’m overthinking this too much.

I shake my hands out, trying to calm myself down. He should be here soon, and I don’t want to answer the door sweating.

A moment later, there’s a knock on the door, and I freeze. Crap! He’s early, by nearly thirty minutes.

“Coming!” I shout, searching for my purse. Dammit, where’d I put that thing?

Another knock.

Okay, geez. I whip open the door and my heart lodges in my throat.

“Veronica.” The air escapes my lungs the moment I see her face.

“Listen, Savannah.” She steps closer.

What the fuck is she doing here? Better yet, how’d she even know which room I was staying in?

“You need to stay away from Hayden.” She purses her lips, narrowing her eyes at me. “I’m not going to tell you twice.”

Chapter Six


As soon as I leave Savannah’s room, a smile fills my face. I stroll to the elevator, hoping for the best—hoping she’ll meet me for lunch. I step inside, and I’m so lost in my thoughts I don’t realize how crowded the elevator is or that we stop at every floor on the way down.

By the way she was looking at me today, I think it’s highly likely she’ll join me for lunch, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up. The kiss last night was everything I’d imagined it’d be after all this time. Her soft lips pressed against mine, and she melted into me. There’s no denying the emotions that streamed through us both at that moment, and I’m sure if she wouldn’t have drunk so much, I would’ve been buried between her legs, tasting her.

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