“Well I hope you know what you’re doing because I refuse to sit around and watch you destroy yourself again,” he tells me before walking away.

I want to tell him how much of a hypocrite he is, considering his current situation, but I find it better not to. It won’t solve anything, and the last thing I want to do is fight with my little brother. Seconds later, I hear the front door clicking closed. Knowing he’ll get over it, I go into my bathroom, strip off the suit, and hop in the shower so I can use soap and wash my hair this time.

Thoughts of Savannah invade my mind, and I know I need to get her out of my head in case she writes me off again, and I’m left to pick up the pieces. Though other parts of my body don’t get the message. My cock’s rock hard, and I grip it, stroking, thinking about her perfect tits and curvy body. I think about placing her perky pink nipple in my mouth and her sucking my dick until I can’t take it anymore. With her name on my lips, I nearly lose my balance when the orgasm rips through me so quickly I don’t even expect it. I release a deep groan, trying to steady myself as I explode in my palm.

“Fuck,” I mutter, trying to gain control. I stand under the stream of water as I try to catch my breath and clear my damn head. Once I’m calm, I step out of the shower and get dressed. I glance at the time on my phone and see a text message from Savannah.

My heart drops because I know how she is or, rather, how she was, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she texted me to let me down. With a racing heart, I unlock my phone, open the message she sent right before I stepped in the shower, and grin like an idiot.

“She said yes!” I yell out to no one. I’m so happy, I feel like I’ve won the goddamn lottery. I wonder if stopping and getting her flowers before is too over the top. I’m not trying to scare her away, for fuck’s sake. Because it’s just lunch, I decide against it. Knowing I need to calm down and mentally prepare to be around her, I take a shot of whiskey and think back to what Hunter said. The feelings I had for Savannah never faded, and when we broke up, she left a permanent hole in my heart. That space has always been reserved for her, even if she never intends on filling it again. I have to remind myself not to go into this with any expectations, but the fact she said yes and how she acted last night give me hope that these old feelings aren’t one-sided.

After ten minutes of contemplating exactly what I’m going to say to her today, I decide to leave and head back to the hotel. It’s a good twenty-five minutes away with traffic, and I have enough time to really think everything over by the time I hand my keys to the valet. I can’t stop grinning as I step onto the elevator and take it up to her room. Savannah was right; it’s slow as hell. Eventually, it stops at her floor, and I take a deep breath and walk to her door then knock.

I wait a few seconds before knocking again. I stand and wait for a few minutes then call her. Maybe she fell asleep? I hang up and redial her number, but this time, I’m sent straight to voicemail.

It’s confirmation she’s not coming.

Savannah must’ve gotten cold feet and ditched me.

The realization punches me in the gut, and I think back to anything that would’ve caused her to cancel. The rejection I felt when she broke up with me comes rushing back again, and it stings. I’ve been ignored by her before but this—it’s like she poured salt in a reopened wound. Instead of camping outside her door, I pull my phone out of my pocket and walk to the elevator as I text her.

Hayden: I’m here. Waited almost ten minutes at your door. Considering you’ve rejected my call, I assume you don’t want to do lunch. It took years for me to get over you and work through the heartache that practically destroyed me. You didn’t have to agree to meet up with me if you didn’t intend to. You could’ve told me no. I’ve endured worse pain than that before from you.

I read over the message one time before I hit send, lock my phone, and step onto the elevator. I’m so fucking aggravated that I can’t think straight. I’m shocked honestly because of how she acted this morning toward me. Maybe the realization that she admitted to lying to me hit her, and it was too much? Fuck, I don’t know. I could come up a million scenarios.

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