She bites her lower lip as I keep our gazes locked. I see the regret in her eyes, the pain and remorse for the way she hurt me. But it’s not enough.

I want to mark her. Claim her forever.

Make sure she never fucking leaves me again.

“I feel you. All of you.”

“That’s right, baby. Me. All me.” I can’t stop driving into her, over and over, needing to connect our bodies in more ways than one.

It’s incredible how ten years have passed, but the chemistry hasn’t faded a bit. If it’s even possible, my feelings for her have only strengthened.

“I’m so close, Hayden.” She’s panting, which gives me the greatest damn pleasure. I want her moans, her pants, her everything. They’re mine.

“Are we gonna do this, Sav?” I ask with a deep ragged voice. “You gonna be mine again?”

Her head falls back, body arching as I find the spot that’s going to push her off the edge. Fuck, she looks beautiful when she comes. Always has. Somehow, impossibly more now.

She comes undone with my name on her lips, and as I watch her–continuing to slowly thrust inside her, feeling her pussy tighten around me like a vise—my emotions bubble over.

I lean over her body, taking a perfect pink nipple into my mouth, and sucking it between my lips as she rides the high. Her fingers weave in my hair, keeping my head planted on her chest. Swiftly, I move to the other breast and give it the same attention, not wanting to neglect that one. My hips move slowly against hers, our bodies taking and giving.

Moving higher, I position myself between her legs and wrap a hand around the back of her neck to pull her mouth to mine. Our lips and tongues are eager to taste each other, more and more.

“Say it, Sav,” I demand, my mouth brushing against hers. “Say we’re doing this.”

“Hayden…” She releases short, rapid breaths.

I slide my fingers down her delicious thigh and hook my hand under her knee, pulling it around my waist, deepening my position inside her sweetness. When Savannah gasps, I take the opportunity to cover her mouth with mine again, letting her taste and feel how good we are together.

“I want you,” I tell her, pulling out slowly then back in again. “I wanted you then, and I want you now.”

“Yes…” she whispers, her eyes fighting to stay open as the sensation builds between us. “Oh God, Hayden.”

“It’s only this good when it’s us, baby. Only us,” I remind her over and over. “Mine.”

She unravels once again, and I can’t take it anymore, releasing inside her tight body. Soon we’re panting, trying to catch our breaths as we lie next to each other. My arm wraps around her, securing her to my chest.

After twenty minutes of silence, I can’t take it anymore. “Savannah.”

She finally looks up at me with tears in her eyes. “I’m so sorry I hurt you.”

I cup her cheek, wiping away the rogue tear that falls. “I know you are.” I roll us over so I’m on top of her and can kiss away her sadness. “Let’s get pass this, Sav. It’s time to move on from it.”

“I want to, Hayden, but now I’m scared I’m going to hurt you once more,” she tells me softly, her lips swollen from mine, making me eager to take her again. “My life is in New York and yours is—”

“Wherever you are,” I cut her off, not letting her finish because I’m not letting her get away this time.


“I mean it, Sav.” I brush her hair back and look into her stunning eyes. “I’m in love with you. I can’t remember ever not being in love with you. Whatever we need to do, we’ll make it work. I’m not going to let work or football get between us this time.”

She sucks in a breath, nodding as she pulls in her bottom lip. “I don’t deserve you, Hayden Manning.”

“You do, baby. I promise.” Without warning, I fall to my back and pull her on top of me.

“You’re sure about this?” she asks, straddling me and pressing her hands to my chest. “I have an insane schedule. Work, performances, friends. I want you in my life, but it’s nothing like it is here.” I see her bottom lip tremble as if that could possibly deter me from wanting a life with her.

“We have forever, Sav. You keep doing what you do, and I’ll always be here waiting.”

“I love you, Hayden. I’ll do anything to have you back in my life.”

My face nearly cracks in half as the wide smile takes over. “Good. Let’s start with getting you in the shower.”

After thoroughly kissing every inch of Savannah, we pass out for hours. By the time I come to, it’s the next morning. Luckily, I have a flex schedule and can work out of the office if needed.

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