Sliding my arm from under her, I quietly dress, then kiss her on the forehead. I need to check my emails and get us coffee. Once I find her key card on the dresser, I grab my keys and wallet, then step out and slowly shut the door behind me.

Glancing at my phone, I see I have half a dozen texts from Hunter and instinctively roll my eyes. He’s going to give me so much shit, but I don’t care. I meant every word I said to her last night and will do whatever it takes to be with her. If her life is in New York, then mine will be too.

“Hayden,” Hunter answers on the first ring. “About damn time. You get lost?”

I chuckle, hopping into my truck and starting it up. Hotel coffee sucks ass, and I want to bring her the good stuff. “Nope. I was right where I was meant to be.”

The line goes silent, and I know he’s in his head. “I love her,” is all I say.

“I know,” he replies. “I want you to be happy. Finally.”

“Thanks, man. I’m probably going to move there.”

“And leave me here with our shit-tastic father?” He groans.

“You should come with me then,” I tell him honestly. “Plenty of opportunity for a new grad like you.”

He scoffs loudly. “Fuck that. Don’t they get pounded with snow?”

My lips pull into a knowing smirk. His excuse is so full of shit. “Yep, but it’s not the weather that’s the issue.”

“Don’t start with me. We’re talking about you,” he says, his tone deeper.

“Would be a fresh start for you. A way to get over her once and for all,” I tell him.

He inhales deeply as if my words physically affected him. I arrive at the Starbucks drive thru and place my order before driving to the window.

“Starbucks?” Hunter cackles. “You’re already pussy whipped. No way I’m following you there. You’ll only come up to breathe when you need to eat.”

“Can’t deny that.”

Hunter snorts. “Nah. I have my life here. I’m good. But I’ll miss you.”

“I know. I don’t know all the logistics of it yet, but I know it’ll be soon. I can’t let her get away this time.”

“Yeah, I know all about the one who got away, so I’m glad you’re getting your second chance. You guys deserve it.”

“I appreciate that, little bro. You’re gonna find the one. I have no doubt.”

Once I order our coffees, I tell Hunter about what Veronica said to Savannah and the scandal she was trying to get me into. I warn him to stay away from her, and he reminds me he couldn’t be her baby daddy anyway. I hear the sadness in his voice and wish I could just pull him into a big brother hug.

“Call me later, okay? Want to make sure you aren’t on a ledge or anything.” I pull into the hotel parking lot and kill the engine.

“Pff. Don’t worry about me. I have Miller Lite and vodka to keep me company.”

“Hunter,” I say in a warning. “Drinking yourself stupid isn’t going to help your problems or your unrequited feelings for her.”

“Nope, but they’ll numb them, temporarily.”

“You’re still young. You’ll find the right one when you’re meant to,” I tell him, grabbing the tray of coffees in one hand, then shutting the door behind me with the other. “Just don’t be dumb and do something you’ll regret.”

“Promise.” Though I have a feeling he’s just saying that to shut me up.

We end the call shortly after, and soon I’m tiptoeing back into the hotel room, finding Savannah sleeping sounding. She looks like a goddess with her dark hair sprawled out on the pillow, a thin sheet covering her bare body. I stare at her, stunned that she’s here and that we’re really going to make this work again. I want to worship her again and again, proving our love is infinite.

Chapter Eleven


The smell of fresh coffee heightens my senses, and as soon as I peel my eyes open, I see Hayden.

Sexy, seductive Hayden.

Blinking, I realize I’m completely naked in bed as the memories of last night flood my mind.

Oh shit.

That really happened.

Hayden declared his undying love for me and is moving across the country to be with me. Should I pinch myself to make sure this is real life?

Panic settles into my chest at the realization of what this all means.

“Here,” he says, setting down a Starbucks cup on the nightstand next to me. “Before you start thinking of a hundred ways to tell me not to move to New York, get your caffeine fix, and then we’ll talk.”

“You know me so well, don’t you?” I snicker, sitting up and grabbing the coffee. “Even after all this time.”

Hayden leans down and kisses the top of my head. “How could I forget, Sav?” He flashes me a wink, sending butterflies straight to my stomach. He sits on the edge of the bed, kicking off his shoes. “I’m ordering room service. Pancakes still your fave?”

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