Lennon’s eyes flick to mine. “Boy?” Her voice is just above a whisper, but everything is so quiet around us that Jenna overhears.

“That’s right. It’s a boy,” Jenna replies smugly.

Lennon snorts. “Congrats, but Hunter’s not the father. So it’s time to move on and leave him alone.”

“He is the father.” Jenna takes a step forward as if to make her point; to threaten me. “Sorry, princess, Hunter’s not the guy you think he is, and I’m going to prove that as soon as the baby’s born.”

“Jenna.” I’m seething, ready to snap and drag her away so half the floor doesn’t hear our business.

“No, let me,” Lennon holds up her hand to stop me then flashes a smug grin. “You may think you won with your detective skills involving me and my parents, but you only did me a favor. So actually, thank you. Your little stunt allowed me to stand up to my overbearing mother. If I’ve learned anything since getting pregnant, it’s that I’m sick and tired of people like you thinking they can control and manipulate others. I’m about to be a mom and protecting my child is my main priority so I know why you’re acting like this—to protect your baby too— however, you need to grow up and face reality. If Hunter thought there was even the slightest chance of being the father of your baby, he would do the right thing and step up because that’s the kind of man he is. He’s done everything to help me get through my boyfriend’s death. So you can try to sabotage our lives, but in the end, he’ll prove to you once and for all that you have the wrong man. So I suggest you tell the right person and let them know you’re having his baby because Hunter can’t have kids.”

Damn. Badass Lennon is sexy as fuck.

Jenna’s eyes widen as her body straightens in surprise. “What?” She shakes her head with an eye roll. “You’re lying. I don’t believe you.”

Jacob stands next to his sister, looking over at her as if he’s thinking the same.

Lennon glances at me with soft eyes, and I give her a head nod to continue, knowing what’s on her mind.

“He found out years ago and has the test results to prove it, so if you want to keep wasting your time and ours, then go ahead. But in the end, don’t be surprised when he says he told you so.” Lennon narrows her eyes, and as much as I love watching her fight my battles for me, I grab her shoulder and pull her toward me.

“You really can’t have kids?” Jenna directs at me. “Or is that just something you tell all the girls you fuck?”

“I’ve been telling you since day one I’m not the father,” I remind her. “I didn’t feel like I needed to put my personal business out there, but now that you’ve been made aware, do what you gotta do once the baby’s born to know for sure. But you should really tell Craig since he is the father.”

“Craig? Your ex-boyfriend?” Jacob’s tone is anything but happy. “Drug dealing, abusive Craig?”

Jenna cringes and closes her eyes as if she’s trying to blast herself into another dimension. “Let’s go. We’ll reschedule.”

Lennon and I watch as they walk through the double doors, and when we turn around, everyone is staring at us.

“Sorry,” I say to them. Then I turn to Lennon, worried she’ll be embarrassed, but she surprises me by rewarding me with a smile.

“I think you dodged a bullet with that one,” she teases.

Releasing a relieved sigh, I grab her hand and squeeze. “You have no idea.”

After the shit with Jenna happened, we had a successful tour, and I could see how relieved Lennon was after her questions were answered. I know she’s nervous about it all, and I want to be here for her in any way I can. If she wants me with her or in the waiting room, I’ll do whatever she asks. I’d never overstep, but I won’t ask her either. She’ll let me know when she’s ready.

Lying in bed, I think about the day and how much I selfishly wish Lennon was carrying my baby. I wish we didn’t have to correct everyone who assumed I’m the father, but as soon as those thoughts hit me, the guilt of taking Brandon’s place eats at me. Like clockwork.

I look up at the ceiling, lying in the bed he used to share with Lennon, and wish I could talk to him. So much has changed since he passed away, but one thing that hasn’t is how much I miss him. Drinking beers, talking shit, bringing up our old college days. The days of picking up chicks, frat parties, and football games. The only way I can get through the loss of him is telling myself he’d be happy and proud I’m taking care of Lennon and the baby. And hope he wouldn’t find us getting closer as a betrayal.

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