It’s that little piece of hope he doesn’t that I have to cling to.

I toss and turn for an hour before I hear my phone vibrate on my nightstand. When I see Lennon’s name on the screen, I unlock it and read her message.

Lennon: I can’t sleep.

Hunter: What’s wrong?

Lennon: I’m lonely in here. Can’t get comfortable. Would you mind laying with me?

Lennon: It’s okay if you say no.

I release a sharp breath, not expecting her to ask that. It’s been a long time since she’s asked me to lie with her, and truthfully, I’ve missed it. Though it was necessary to allow some time to pass and keep some distance between us, I can’t deny her. She makes me weak in the fucking knees, and I’d do anything for her.

Hunter: Of course I will.

I’m only in my boxers but don’t bother putting on extra clothes before heading into her room. It’s black except for the faint glow of the streetlights coming through the curtains. She’s lying on her side and blinks up at me as I close her door, neither of us saying a word. As I walk around the bed to slip under the covers, my heart hammers in my chest, knowing how deep I already am.

But fuck it.

Lennon shouldn’t have to be alone in the first place.

I wrap my body around hers as she melts into mine. With her belly, we can only spoon, so she rests her head on one arm as I wrap the other around her stomach.

“Thank you,” she whispers once we’re settled.

“Of course.”

Swallowing, I try to relax my mind so my body can stop being so tense. I know she can feel it, and I want her to be comfortable enough to fall asleep. After a few minutes, my hand shifts, and her stomach moves.

“Was that a—”

Lennon giggles, her belly tightening as she does. “She’s kicking.” Then she takes me by surprise and grabs my hand, moving it lower. “She’s pretty active at night. I can usually feel her moving around down here.” With her hand on top of mine, I feel more kicks.

“That’s the coolest thing ever,” I tell her genuinely. “Doesn’t it feel like she’s going to pop right out of your skin?”

Lennon chuckles. “Yes. The closer it gets, the more it feels like there’s no more possible room for her in there, and she’s just gonna bust out. But her little kicks are reassurance for me.”

“How so?” I ask softly.

“That she’s doing okay in there, letting me know she’s growing and getting ready to meet me. Maybe it sounds crazy, but—”

“It doesn’t sound crazy. Especially after what you’ve been through.”

“I can’t wait to see what she looks like,” she whispers. “Feels like this last trimester has dragged on, and now there’s only five more weeks till my due date. Seems like I’ve been waiting so long, and now she could be here any day.”

“She’ll be here before you know it,” I reassure her, glancing at the crib and rocking chair on the other side of the room.

She only nods in response, her body relaxing, melting into mine as my hand stays on her lower stomach. The kicks have stopped, but I selfishly don’t want to let her go. Watching her body change these past several months has been pretty awesome, and she looks even more stunning than ever before.

My heart finally goes back to normal, and when I’m fairly certain she’s fallen asleep, I press a kiss in her hair and whisper good night.

I’m half asleep when she stirs, and my eyes pop open.

“What’s wrong?” I whisper when she continues to fidget.

Her breathing picks up, and I can tell she’s waking up.

“Do you want me to move?” I ask, unsure what I should do.

“Hunter.” Her voice is low and raspy. “Touch me.”

My heart pounds, and I’m positive I heard her wrong. She must be talking in her sleep. Swallowing hard, I manage to ask, “W-what?”

“Please, Hunter.” Her legs shift around. “I want you to touch me,” she begs.

Hell, maybe I’m dreaming.

I feel her back arch, and by the way my dick hardens, I know I’m not.

I lean up on my elbow and bring my lips to her ear. “Where?” I ask, whispering.

“Between my legs.”

Jesus Christ. My heart lodges into my throat, and it takes me a second to clear it.

“Are you sure, Lennon?”

“Yes.” She releases a breath. “Please.”

The way she’s begging is what my wet dreams are made of. How the hell could I deny her, knowing how badly she wants and needs it, even if it’ll fuck me up even more than I already am?

“Is that safe?” I ask. “For the baby, I mean.”

I’m an idiot.

“Yes, it’s completely safe.”

Inhaling a deep breath before moving my hand lower and around her belly, I slide inside her panties. Leaning my forehead against the top of her head, I slide one finger up her slit, feeling how wet she is. The moment I find her clit, her breath catches, and my eyes roll to the back of my head.