By the time I make it to the apartment, it’s nearly five. I bring in our groceries, excited about what Hunter has planned. Our dates consist of ordering in and watching Friends, which neither of us minds, but this will be a nice change of pace.

When I walk inside, there are pink roses on the table and a dress hanging on the back of a chair. My mouth falls open when I see an envelope with my name on it.


* * *

Considering we never go out, thought I’d make up for it all at once. A driver will be waiting for you downstairs at 6:30. I’ll see you soon. Love you!

* * *


“That little shit,” I say with a huge smile splashed across my face.

I decide to take another shower to freshen up, then redo my hair and makeup. Before I get dressed, I pull some sexy lingerie from my top drawer and slip it on, then grab the dress Hunter picked out. It’s a high waisted light blue A-line party dress, fancy as hell and much different from anything I own. Just by looking at this, I have no clue what we’ll be doing, but I’m excited nonetheless.

Looking in the full-length mirror, I’m amazed by how well it fits. Did Hunter take my measurements in my sleep? The thought has me giggling. I rush to my closet and grab a pair of heels, slip them on, then take a deep breath. I have exactly ten minutes. The smile on my lips might be permanent this time. Before I walk out the door, I dial Mrs. Locke’s number to check on Alison.

“Hey, Lennon. How are things going?” she asks.

I laugh at her light tone. “Just checking on you two.”

She lets out a sweet chuckle. “Honey, we’re doing just fine. Are you doing okay?”

I realize when she asks me the question, I’m actually nervous. “I haven’t been on a real date since—” I pause and swallow hard. Since Brandon was alive.

I try to think about my life right now and how Brandon would want me to be happy above all things. It’s a small reminder that it’s okay for me to be okay.

“I know. And it’s the reason you need to have a night out on the town. So quit worrying. We’re just fine over here. Enjoy yourself, Lennon. You deserve to.”

Her words repeat in my mind, and I grin. She was surprisingly supportive of Hunter and I being together once we told her. I was nervous at first, but she gave me a look as if she’d known it was coming or something. Apparently, our feelings were obvious to everyone around us too.

“You’re right. Give my girl kisses for me.”

“I will. Have fun.”

After we say our goodbyes, I take a deep breath and leave.

The limo waits downstairs just as Hunter said. I get inside and see a bottle of champagne and strawberries. I laugh at how extra he’s being tonight, but enjoy myself, like Brandon’s mom suggested, as we drive across town. Eventually the car slows and I’m utterly speechless when I step out and realize I’m at Fairytale Town.

It’s a theme park based around children’s storybooks, and I’m more confused than ever when I see a man dressed as a toy soldier at Humpty Dumpty’s entrance. I walk up to him, and he hands me a note and a map of the park with a smirk, then goes back into position.

Opening it as fast as I can, I pull the paper from inside and read.

I was once they boy who’d never grow up.

You could say I was a part of the lost boys until I found you.

I look over at the toy soldier. “I just go inside?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he tells me.

“But isn’t it closed?” I ask, noticing there’s no one around.

“It’s open for you,” he ensures. I’ve heard about this place before but have never visited it as long as I’ve lived in Sacramento. I step under the archway and open the map and look for anything related to his clue. Lost boys. Thinking about it, I realize it’s a Peter Pan reference and scan the map. My eyes land upon the pirate ship, and I follow the sidewalk to it. Upon arriving, there’s a woman dressed like Tinker Bell waiting. She hands me an envelope, and I hurry and rip it open.

Slow and steady wins the race. Baby, I’d wait a lifetime for you.

I bite my lower lip, grinning, then head toward the Turtle and the Hare attraction. A man is dressed as a referee and gives me another envelope. I thank him and read the next clue.

I don’t need a shoe to know you’re The One.

I’m smiling so big and rush toward the Cinderella coach. Upon arrival, there’s a woman dressed as a fairy godmother. I look at her hands and realize she’s not holding an envelope, but looking at me with soft eyes and a smirk.