“Correct, Ms. Fisher,” he says with a knowing smile. I smile in return, pleased with myself. I don’t mind being the Hermione Granger of the Econ department. Five points to Gryffindor.

The day flies by, and I can hardly believe I only have one more day until spring break begins. One more day until I’m stuck in the same house as Travis fucking King. I wish I could fast forward through the next two weeks and get it over with as soon as possible.

I walk across campus toward the dorms, switching shoulders when my bag becomes too heavy. As I pass the library, I hear a familiar voice call my name.

“Lola! Wait up,” Courtney yells, jogging up behind me, her blonde hair pulled into a ponytail. With every step she takes, her bracelets jingle. She’s been calling me Lola for years. Courtney complained that Viola reminded her too much of Violet, the first and only girl she’s ever dated. So she started calling me Lola instead, and it just kind of stuck.

I smile as soon as I see her. She’s breathless, and I can’t help but laugh.

“Jesus, woman. How fast do you walk? I’ve been trying to catch up with you since we left the lecture hall.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” My brows furrow, wondering how I could’ve been so lost in my own thoughts to drown the rest of the world out. “I’ve been a little out of it today. What’s up?” We continue walking.

“I fly to Dallas on Sunday for our family reunion and won’t be back until Thursday, so we need to hang out this weekend. Will you be around?” She bumps my shoulder, knowing exactly what my plans are.

“Yeah. I’ll be staying at my brother’s house.” With a guy I absolutely loathe, I think to myself.

“With Drew and Travis?” Her inflection goes up when she says Drew’s name but she knows exactly how I feel about Travis—almost the exact opposite of how she feels about Drew—but that story’s for another time.

“Drew’s going out of town. So yeah. I’ll be living in hell for two weeks with Travis.” I pause and grit my teeth. “Just Travis.”

“You say it like it’s a bad thing.” She pinches her lips together in a knowing smirk.

“It’s the worst thing that could possibly happen to me.”

Courtney met Travis a few times in passing and instantly thought he was sex on legs, but she knows how I feel. She’s the only one that’ll listen to me bitch about his antics. My mood shifts, and it’s not a good one, and she notices.

“Come with me to Texas then. I can promise cowboys and delicious carbs.” The corners of her lips turn up.

All I can do is laugh. “I’d love to take you up on that offer but I have tons of reading to do and stupid jocks to tutor.”

“Fine,” she says, exaggerating the word. “Choose books over your best friend, again.”

Courtney is the best friend every girl wishes she had, and I’m lucky to have her as one of mine even if we don’t have much in common. She’s loyal, kind and is good at purposely making me laugh when I’m trying to study.

Her phone goes off and she squeals. I’m sure it’s Toby, the love of her life. “I gotta go. I’ll text you what time this weekend.” She gives me a quick hug, then turns around and heads the other direction.

“Perfect,” I say with a laugh.

The wind feels nice against my cheeks and the sun kisses my skin as I walk across the grass toward the dorms. I want to remember how this feels. Thinking about my future, the opportunities and possibilities, everything looks so bright. In less than two months, undergraduate life will be nothing more than a fond memory. Life will change and my friends and I will start new chapters.

I walk into my dorm room and find Ashley sitting on the couch, listening to music so loud that I can almost make out the words. I drop my bag by the door, giving my shoulder a much needed rest, then walk toward her waving my arms to get her attention.

“What?” she says, pulling out an ear bud.

“You’re going to be deaf by the time you’re thirty if you keep listening to your music that loud.”

She rolls her eyes at me. “I didn’t realize I was rooming with my mother.”

“Shut it.” I glare. “So, I have a huge favor to ask,” I say sweetly, batting my eyes at her.

She puts her ear bud back in then bursts out laughing at my scowl. I place my hand on my hips and she removes the ear buds once again. “What is it? I fly home first thing tomorrow so whatever it is has to be done tonight.”

“I really, really, really need help carrying my boxes and bags over to Drew’s house. I’ll even buy Starbucks on the way. Venti. Extra shots. The whole menu if you want.”

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