“I’m Amber,” she says, grabbing my phone from my hand and programming her number into it. I knew I should’ve password-protected it.

I give her a smirk. “Thanks, babe. I’m Travis.” When the words leave my mouth, she beams. Pet names must be her thing. I grab her hand and drag my bottom lip across the top before I kiss it. Her friends walk away taking the hint and she moves in a little closer and places her hand on my inner thigh. For a second, I wonder if she likes to get her hair pulled. Once the thought crosses my mind, the image of Viola against the refrigerator, my naked body pressed against hers, flashes in my mind. Fucking fuck! She’s ruining my game.

Jason returns with two more beers. “So you’ve met Amber,” he says, handing me another Heineken. I drink it as fast as I can. The quicker I get wasted, the quicker Viola will leave my thoughts, or at least that’s what I hope, and maybe I’ll be able to screw her away.

Jason makes small talk to kill the time, but I can’t concentrate on his words. Amber’s a filthy little thing and she’s actually doing a good job at keeping me distracted. Her hand rubs across my thigh, and if no one was here, I have a feeling she’d be on her knees taking my dick in her mouth. I can tell by the way she’s been eye-fucking me for the past thirty minutes. Four beers down and I’m starting to feel the effects. My body is relaxed and I feel good, not worked up like I was when I arrived. Before I crack open another beer, Jason announces it’s time to head out. Our Uber driver is almost here, which is probably for the best, considering we’re already tipsy.

Good Times’ parking lot is full as usual. Most people my age come here on the weekends to let loose after a long week. The thick bass rumbles so loud it’s heard outside. Girls enter in their scandalously short skirts and dresses and it makes it so much easier to forget about Viola, or so I think. I have my arm around Amber and hers is around me and we walk inside laughing. She’s trying to hold a stupid semi-drunk conversation that means absolutely nothing to me over the loud music. Jason waves to a group of dudes over in the corner and I realize I’ve agreed to join a sausage fest. Great. Thank fuck for the girls Jason brought along to fill the table. They each find their dude for the night and the only man out is Jason. He’ll find someone here, I’m sure of it.

Amber excuses herself to the bathroom and I walk to the bar for another drink, but this time I want something with a punch; whiskey will be my poison for the rest of the night. I need more alcohol so I can fall asleep on my sheetless bed and dream about nothing. I lean my back against the bar and scan the room. Lots of beautiful women are here tonight and I smile knowing I could bring anyone of them home . . . until my eyes land on Viola fucking Fisher walking through the door.

I exhale slowly when I see the scandalous outfit that shows just enough skin to make her desirable but not seem easy, compliments of me. She turns back and smiles at the bouncer whose gaze is lingering on her ass just a little too long and that’s when I notice she’s hanging on a dude’s arm like an ornament.

What in the hell?


I’m happy that Travis isn’t home after I return from tutoring. I thought it’d be better if I asked everyone to meet me at the library instead of being in a house with a crazy naked man. I could’ve given back his clothes but that’s too easy. Me and easy won’t ever go in the same sentence, so I drove to the library with a shit-eating grin knowing all his clothes, sheets, and pillowcases were in my trunk.

When I returned, Travis was gone and I felt like I could breathe again. Earlier he had taken my breath away and my body betrayed me once again. If I weren’t a Fisher and he weren’t asshole King maybe things could be different, but they can’t and won’t, especially with our past.

As I cozy up on the couch hoping for a quiet night full of romance books and alpha males, I receive a text. I reach over to see Courtney’s name.

Can I cash in on those drinks tonight? Good Times is having Ladies Night!

As much as I don’t want to go, I think it’ll be good for me to get out of the house. She’s also leaving in two days, so I want to spend as much time with her as I can.

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