Sure. How’s 9? I text her. The later we head out, the sooner we can head back home.

Perfect. I’ll pick you up.

I laugh and poke fun at her. Oh, now we’re going on a date?

LOL! No. You know I’m so over experimenting with girls. Not that you aren’t hot, because you’re a ten, baby. I can almost hear her voice as I read it over and burst out laughing.

I’m not sure how good my company will be, but it’ll be fun to dance and lose myself in the music. Without another thought, I go to the bathroom and turn on the shower without worry. I step into the warmth until the water goes cold, and smile when I grab the towel from where I left it. I dry off, blow dry my hair, and walk to Drew’s room with a towel wrapped around me replaying the moment when I took the trek butt naked.

I go to the extra drawers Drew left for my clothes and my mouth falls open.

“What the hell? TRAVIS!” I scream out in frustration.

My jeans and shirts are missing. The handful of things I brought for something unexpected or a girls’ night out is all I have, and that’s not much. I lock my jaw in anger. If he wants to continue with this little game, fine. Maybe I’ll pick up a date tonight after all, because he left me with skirts, cropped tops, and a tight fitting dress. My brother would straight-up shit his pants if he saw me in any of this. I slip into a black dress that barely hits mid-thigh, with a revealing scoop neck. I huff in annoyance. I don’t have much to work with. I choose a pair of high heels that make me three inches taller and accentuate my ass. After I’m dressed, I halfway wished Travis would walk through the door and see me leaving like this. He’d probably give my t-shirt and jeans back and lock me in Drew’s room. But I won’t be held hostage by him tonight, or ever.

I check my phone and realize I don’t have much time so I hurry and apply some smoky eyes and red lipstick. I’m pure sass and almost don’t recognize myself when I catch a glimpse in the hallway mirror. Who is this woman who’s taken my body and transformed it into a sex kitten? I’m almost unrecognizable, even to myself. I’m sure Travis thought this little joke would work, but I have a feeling wearing these clothes gives me the advantage, not him. Another minute passes and I hear the doorbell ring. Of course Courtney is punctual; it’s actually one 0f her best qualities.

I grab my phone and stuff my credit card and ID into my clutch. I open the door and Courtney’s mouth falls open. “Damn, woman. You took this date thing seriously!” She flashes a cheeky smile.

I give her one of my looks with narrowed eyes. She has no idea.

“Uh…where’s the t-shirt and blue jeans?” She laughs. “What have you done with my best friend?”

“This isn’t by choice,” I mutter, not even wanting to explain myself or admit the little tiff Travis and I have going on between us.

“You’re rocking it,” she says as we walk towards the Jeep and head to Good Times.

“I invited Marcus to join us!” Courtney says over the music. Marcus is one of her gay guy friends and I actually like him a lot. He’s super friendly and hilarious. Once we get closer to the venue, I finally relax because there’s no turning around now. Courtney wouldn’t let me back out of a girls’ night out anyway.

We circle around the parking lot several times before finding a spot and the crowd kind of surprises me.

“If you need me to scare off any weirdos, let me know,” Courtney says, giving me a wink with a big smile. She’s ready to drink and dance and I’m ready to lose myself in the music, too.

I start laughing. “I’m sure I can do that myself.”

“Offer still stands.” She nudges me.

We step out of the jeep and walk towards the entrance. Marcus pulls up in his BMW convertible and walks over to us with a big smile.

“Ladies, damn. If I weren’t gay…”

Courtney squeals and gives him a hug then walks in first. Marcus and I get ID’d and the bouncer makes some comment about my sexy legs and I turn around to laugh at him and wrap my arm around Marcus’s. The beat is hopping and the dance floor is full.

“Come on.” Courtney grabs my hand.

“Drinks first,” I say to her and walk across Good Times with a little pep in my step. I order a martini, because I’m dressed way too fancy for beer, and open a tab. Marcus follows me and we chat while he scopes the place for someone that’s actually his type. It doesn’t take long.

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