I smile. “Go. He’s giving you the eyes,” I say, pushing him forward.

He turns and looks at me and I nod my head and shoo him off. “Dude. I’m fine and can totally handle myself. I’ve got bark and bite.”

“You’re the whole package, Lola,” Marcus says and shakes his little butt across the dance floor.

I finish off my martini and feel someone standing way too close to me. I turn and see Jason, a friend of Drew and Travis, leaning in. “Viola, babe! You look…hot,” he says.

I burst into a laugh. “Yeah? Thanks, I guess.”

“I mean, you always look great but this…” He freely roams his eyes up and down my body. “Wow.” He licks his lips, trailing his eyes down my face and stopping at my breasts. I want to interrupt his lustfest and tell him my eyes are up here, but I clamp my mouth shut for now.

I smile at him then turn my body and flag the bartender for another drink, this time a shot, because God I need one so bad right now. Jason pulls out his wallet and pays for it and orders one too. “Cheers.”

“Thanks,” I mumble and take the shot willingly. It burns and coats my throat and after two drinks I’m ready to dance. As if he read my thoughts, he asks with a smile. It’s a cute smile, but he’s not my type.

“Yeah, I’d love to,” I say, and he grabs my hand and leads me across the room. The song that’s playing is fast, but it soon changes to a slow, sexy song. Jason grabs my hips and pulls me close, and we both know if Drew was here, his nose would be broken, but the reality is Drew is far, far away.

I swear, dancing is like having sex with your clothes on. When I turn around and rub my ass against him, I can feel the hardness in his pants. Well, that’s unexpected, but the song is still going and I’m determined to let loose.

I turn back around, our eyes meet, and his hands run the length off my body until they rest on the top of my ass. The song ends and another one starts.

“Want to go out for a drink sometime?” Jason asks over the thumping bass.

“Maybe,” I say.

“What’s your number?”

I tell him and he programs my number into his phone while still moving to the beat of the music.

“All right. I sent you a text so you have my number now.” He tucks the phone back into his pocket. “What are you doing tomorrow?” Jason asks, pulling my body close to his again.

Before I can even open my mouth, a deep voice growls from behind me. “That’s enough.”

His rough tone and the closeness of his body to mine makes my skin prick with goose bumps. But I already know who it is before I even turn around. Travis fucking King.

And he’s livid.

“Hey, man!” Jason’s face lights up briefly before noticing Travis’ tense expression. “We’re just dancing.”

“And now you’re done.”

Jason backs away from me and raises his hands up in defeat. “Okay, okay. Whatever. Chill, man.”

I suck in a deep breath and narrow my eyes in at him. I should’ve anticipated he’d show up. He’s inescapable.

“To what do I owe this pleasure?” I snarl, shaking my head at his audacity for scaring Jason away.

He doesn’t say anything as he grabs my hand and leads me to the center of the dance floor while the slow mesmerizing beat plays on. He grips his fingers around my waist and pulls me in against his chest, claiming me for everyone to see. Our bodies mold together like puzzle pieces and as much as I want to remove that thought from my mind, it’s front and center.

Dammit to hell.

He leans his head down and speaks over my ear, “I’m not going to watch another guy practically fuck you on the dance floor. You’re off limits to every guy in this place. Got it, princess?”

He pulls back, his expression cold and firm. His jaw is set and there’s no playing around in his tone. His eyes search my face before finally meeting mine.

Between the alcohol and the intense beat of the music, I’m ready to dish it right back to him.

“Even to you?”

His jaw ticks. “To everyone. Especially dressed like that.” He trails his eyes down my body, emphasizing his point.

He’s treating me like I’m a little kid again, acting over-protective, as if he has any say in what I do. But I know he has an ulterior motive.

I can’t deny how being this close to him makes my mouth dry. I need a strong drink and to run away, because the emotions that course through me are dangerous. Our bodies slowly rock together and for a moment it’s easy to forget it’s Travis, because he doesn’t speak, he just takes control and we dance together as one. It’s seductive. I feel the pulse between my legs, and I promise myself after this next song, I’m walking away. But I don’t, and neither does he, and we are lost in a trance of unspoken words and baby-making music.

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