She complies and opens her mouth for me. “Reach down and touch me.”

“No,” she says around my finger.

“Are you going to push me at every fucking opportunity, Viola?”

“I just might.” She nips at the pad of my finger, and I’m quick to remove it.

“Stop being a stubborn little cock tease and put your hands on me,” I demand, with assertion in my tone. “I know you’ve been dreaming about it, V.” I bring my mouth to hers, leaving mere centimeters between us.

“Fuck off, Travis,” she whispers, her mouth tense. “I don’t dream about egotistical manwhores. If I want to touch it, I will, but I’m afraid with all the action it gets, my hand would fall off.”

My jaw ticks, my patience running thin as my dick presses harder against her pussy.

“So goddamn difficult.” I wrap my hand around my cock, stroking it once. “Fine. Give me permission to touch you.” My lips are so close to hers that I don’t hesitate to lean in and run my tongue along her bottom lip. “I want to touch your pussy. Say it, princess,” I command roughly, my mouth against hers.

She presses her body slightly against mine, giving me all the permission I need. I smile against her lips in victory, preparing to crack her once and for all.

“That’s my good girl,” I praise as I lower my hand down her smooth flesh, slowly brushing it over her peaked nipple. Her breath hitches, fighting the waves of pleasure she desperately craves. My other hand explores her soft curves until I land in between her legs. I rub the pad of my thumb over her sensitive bud, and I watch as her eyes flutter closed. Her head falls back with a moan, and I know she’s going to combust before I even insert a finger inside her.

“Is this smooth pussy for me?” I ask, adding more pressure. I lower my mouth to her neck and press kisses down to her collarbone. “Answer me, Viola.”

I hear her suck in a breath before she responds. “Believe it or not, not everything’s about you.”

I scrape my teeth along her neck, landing under her ear. I pull her lobe in between my lips and suck. “Is that so?” I plunge a finger inside her without warning.

She gasps, squeezing her fingers around my arm to steady herself.

“Fuck, you have a tight little cunt. It’s so damn wet.” I look down at her, watching as she rotates her hips, seeking relief. I kiss along her shoulder, wrapping my arm around her and keeping her pinned against the wall. I push in a second finger, her throat opening and releasing a deep, urgent moan.

“Mm…that’s it, princess.” I sink in deeper, rubbing the pad of my thumb along her clit. “Have you come on a guy’s fingers before?” She ignores me, and I grin at the way I’ve completely taken over her. “What about a guy’s mouth? Have you orgasmed that way before?”

“Mm…” is all she says, her hips going wild as she rides my fingers. “I’m tempted to sit on your face just to shut you up.”

“Fuck, princess. That thought already crossed my mind, trust me, but I want to feel the first orgasm I give you. I want to feel your pussy tighten around my fingers, your orgasm dripping down my hand as I finger fuck you harder. So c’mon, Viola. Let me hear you. I know you need it.” Her body is writhing against me, and I know she’s going to burst any minute.

Either she’s holding back or she needs a little extra encouragement. I quickly whip her around so she faces the wall and my chest presses against her. My cock is rock hard as it rubs the soft part of her back. I wrap an arm around her waist, finding my way down her smooth path to her clit. My other hand slides up and wraps around her throat, adding just enough pressure to tilt her head until my lips brush over her ear.

“You have any idea what you’ve done, princess? I’ve spent the better half of my teen years talking myself out of putting a move on you. Then you grew up and despised everything about me, making me want you even more. And now? I want to fuck you so goddamn raw, you won’t be able to walk for a week. But you know what?” I say, pushing two fingers back inside her, her juices covering them immediately. “Even through all the anger and judgment, I think you secretly wanted me, too.”

Her jaw tenses, her eyes refusing to look up at me. “Sorry to pop your enormous ego bubble, but the anger’s always been real. I’d push you in front of a bus if it meant I never had to see your arrogant face again.”

I smile at that, seeing right through her lies. “Tsk, tsk.” My fingers speed up, pushing in and out of her abruptly, her hand slamming against the wall for support. “Your body says otherwise. Your pussy is aching for it. You can’t fight it anymore.”

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