I dodged him the rest of the day on Saturday and half of Sunday. I couldn’t look him in the eyes after that. It was a moment of weakness and as much as I tried not to, I slipped and let him see how I really felt. And though I had buried those feelings away, as soon as he touched me, they all rushed back. It’s a moment that almost brings me to my knees when I think about it. It’s easy to sink into the fantasy of him wanting me, taking me, bringing me to the edge and watching me spill over as I whisper his name, but seriously? He left me standing there alone and naked for the sake of a game. What the fuck?

I slept uneasily and wake up with an evil plan to get him back. My emotions are not a violin for Travis to string and play. An eye for an eye, emotions for emotions, until we are even. I had a feeling he was avoiding me just as much as I was avoiding him. Once the door to his room opened and the front door closed, I make my move. I’m sick of him prancing around in practically nothing so I grab his shit out of my trunk and throw it in his room. Giving no fucks starts now.

I pick up my phone and scroll through the different numbers I have saved. I scroll past Drew, all the kids I tutor, until my phone lands on Jason’s number. I know what I’m doing is wrong. Bringing other people into our war isn’t something I’d usually do but after Friday night, I know Jason’s interested and Travis needs to squirm.

Before I even text Jason, I cover my tracks and text Drew.

I’m going to have a drink or dinner with Jason. Wanted to let you know before you start busting balls.

He texts something back but I don’t even read it. Drew isn’t in control of me. We aren’t kids anymore and I can do whatever and whoever I want.

Instead I text Courtney remembering she flew home today. Did you make it to Dallas okay?

My plane just landed. I was going to text you and let you know! The delays were horrible. I wish you would’ve come with me.

I smile, half-wishing I would’ve went too. I wouldn’t be in the predicament I’m in now. I know. You’ll have fun though. I think I’m going to text Jason for that drink.

The text bubble immediately pops up. I can only imagine the look on her face right now. DO IT!!!! It’s just a drink! Crap, my bag is going around the carousel. Give me all the deets ASAP!

Courtney gives me just the courage I need. A smirk hits my lips as I find the text he sent me on Friday while we were dancing.

It was great seeing you the other night. Want to have that drink?

No time passes before I get a response. Hey babe. What are you doing tonight?

An evil smirk crosses my face as I send a simple text back. I’m free tonight.

Let’s have dinner at Romero’s at 7. I’d love to catch up. I’ll pick you up. Guilt creeps up inside, not wanting to lead him on, but I know it’s the only way I can move on from the mixed feelings I have for Travis.

Perfect. I’m staying at Drew’s. I’ll see you then.

I have hours to get ready but the time passes so quickly. I take a shower and dress into a tight little dress that makes my ass look great. Although it’s fitted, it’s still classy. I add a pair of pearls and light makeup to complete the ensemble. I’m a total class act and happy because I still look like myself, unlike the way I looked the other night.

I grab my phone and plop down on the couch to watch some TV as I wait for Jason to arrive. Travis enters and just stops. He has his keys in hand and wears a shocked expression. I know that look.

“What the hell, Travis? Take a picture and quit staring.”

“There’s the V I’ve been missing.” He smirks, rattling his keys in his hand. “I was worried that girl had vanished.”

“You couldn’t be so lucky. And call me V all you want, I’m not fucking you to prove you wrong,” I say.

A smirk crosses his face but I’m not joking. I’m supposed to be putting on a facade, pretending as everything is perfectly fine, but my heart races when I’m around him, and at this moment I’m feeling as if I’m losing control. He sits, smiles, and leans forward, still staring across the room at me.

“But you want to fuck me, don’t you?” His voice is deep and raspy, knowing it’ll drive me insane.

“I wouldn’t fuck you with my worst enemy’s pussy.”

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