I park in one of her reserved parking places and enter the code to the door. I give the older gentleman the floor number and we zip to the top of the building. When the elevator door opens, I realize that Alyssa has the entire floor to herself.

She’s everything you’d imagine a CEO’s daughter to be.

She greets me wearing nothing but a black lacy bra and thong. Her tits spill out of the sheer lace and she smiles at me like I’m the most delicious piece of candy she’ll ever eat. No time passes before she removes her bra and drops it to the floor. Her dark nipples beg for me to suck them. I walk to her, place my arms around her waist and dip down to take one in my mouth. She throws her head back and moans my name with pleasure.

Alyssa slowly unbuttons my shirt, then drags her fingers down to my zipper and lowers it. Soon I’m standing in her living room in only my boxer shorts. The city lights and cars on the highway are a perfect setting and allows light to leak in around us.

“I’ve been waiting so long for this,” she says, reaching for my cock and wrapping her delicate fingers around my length. I waste no more time and rip the little lace panties from her body and throw them to the floor. Her lips touch mine and as I kiss her, I’m furious to realize I don’t feel anything like I did with Viola. I hate that she’s consuming my thoughts and even more annoyed that as I’m kissing a hot blonde bombshell, Viola in her t-shirt and glasses is poisoning my thoughts. I grab Alyssa’s tight ass in my hand and we walk backward until her ass touches the cool wood of the kitchen table. She sighs and moves my boxer shorts from my hips and begs me to fuck her. Before it goes too far, I bend down and pull the foil wrapper from my pants pocket. Alyssa smiles and takes the condom from my hand. Her big blue eyes meet mine as she rips the package open with her teeth. Carefully, she guides the rubber over my length before laying back on the table.

I flick her other nipple with my tongue as I move deep inside her. She’s so wet and when I fill her with my dick, she screams my name, not caring who hears. I pant against her neck as the clapping sound of ass against wood echoes through the room. She keeps trying to kiss me, but I don’t feel like I can so I move her to the couch and bend her over the edge to fuck her from behind. I go fast and hard and before long she’s coming on my dick. I’m moaning and remembering Viola melting under my touch. It brings my pending orgasm to an intense level and I know by just the thought of her I won’t be able to hold it back much longer. Alyssa arches her back and circles her hips as I pick up my pace. As I come, I close my eyes and topple over her.

I pull out and look down at the condom, which is busted open, and I begin to panic. Her ass is still in the air as if she’s waiting for a second helping. My heart beat pounds in my ears and I begin to have a mini-freakout. She turns around, glances down at the broken condom in my hand, and smiles.

“I’m on the pill, Travis.” She smiles. “It happens.”

I somewhat relax by the fact that she’s double-protected. But all I can think about is how it doesn’t happen and hasn’t ever happened to me.

She walks into the bathroom to clean herself up but when she returns, her expression changes.

“Who’s Viola?” she asks after a minute, her lips press into a firm line.

“What?” I ask, confused.

“You whispered her name…”

Alyssa’s arms are crossed and the look on her face is almost frightening. I give her a smile and walk to her.

“Who is she, Travis?” She’s pouting, making sure to add a little whine to her tone. I actually hate it when she does that.

I slip on my boxer shorts. “It’s my roommate’s little sister. She’s no one.” She doesn’t look like she believes me, so I sweeten my tone. “Trust me, baby.”

Her shoulders relax and she flashes a flirty grin. I place a palm against her cheek and guide her lips to mine, kissing her the way she wants to be kissed, passionately and needy. Although to me, it’s emotionless.

Alyssa breaks the kiss and licks her lips. The corner of her mouth tilts up as if she’s just come up with a filthy idea. I don’t question it as she grabs my hand and leads me to her bedroom.

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