“So, V…” I stand behind her and lower my body, crossing my arms over the back of the couch where her head is resting. “Good book?”

“What do you want, Travis?” The disdain in her voice doesn’t go unnoticed. I can only laugh at how bored she sounds.

“Well, I was thinking we could play a little game.” Her eyes blink up away from her Kindle, but she doesn’t turn her head. “Winner gets bragging rights for the rest of the week.”

She lowers her lashes, her expression barely changing. “Not interested.”

“Hm…” I say, pretending to really be thinking it over. “I think you’ll be very interested in this game. See, it fully benefits you, I only get partial benefits.”

I see her throat move. “Then why would you even want to play?”

“For the thrill, princess. You know I can’t deny a challenge.”

Her shoulders move up and down, her breathing speeding up. “Fine. What is it?”

She doesn’t even take her eyes off her Kindle, but I’m about to change that real quickly.

“Close your eyes.”

That gets her attention. She jerks her head toward me, furrowing her brows. “Are you joking?”

“What? You don’t trust me?” I ask, the corner of my lips tilting up and giving me away.

“I wouldn’t trust you even if Jesus himself came and blessed your forehead with a Bible in hand.”

“Funny you bring up what’s in my hand…because I have something I know you’ll really enjoy.”

She narrows her eyes, knowing I’m definitely up to something.

“Viola…” I lower my voice. “Close your eyes.”

She waits a moment to read my face, but I don’t give anything away. She finally exhales and closes them.

“Good girl,” I praise. “Now relax.”

She obeys and releases a gentle breath. “If you smash a pie or something in my face, I’ll feed your balls to the birds,” she threatens and my smile widens.

“I wouldn’t dare,” I mock. “The name of the game is Guess that Object. Are you ready?”

She sighs. “Sure.”

I step in closer to her neck and inhale her clean scent. If I didn’t want to wring her neck the majority of the time, I’d be tempted to do much more that just smell her.

I bring my lips closer, just below her ear and place a soft kiss. Her body shudders. I see the strands of her hair stand up as her skin pricks with goose bumps.

“Is this where I guess?” she asks, unamused. “What’s rough, dry, and promises an STD?”

I back away, trying to read her. I know she’s fucking with me, but how can she pretend her body didn’t react the way we both know it did.

“That’d be your virgin vagina,” I answer before she can.

She clenches her teeth. “That doesn’t even make sense. How would you get an STD if I was a virgin?”

“So you’re finally admitting you’re a virgin?”

“No, asshole.”

“Then I rest my case. No evidence supports your theory.”

“Are you fucking high or something?”


“You make no sense.”

“Fine, how about this? What’s thick, long, and vibrates?” I don’t wait for her response before continuing, bringing the toy around her and softly brushing it over her pebbled nipples. “And is used to make you come harder than a porn star?”

Her eyes spring open as she lowers her eyes and notices the toy in front of her.

“With my help of course,” I add.

Her jaw tightens, and I see her body go rigid. “You wouldn’t know what to do with that,” she hisses, grabbing it out of my hand.

“I’m pretty sure you don’t know what to do with that.”

“I know enough to not need you.” Fuck. She’s feisty today.

“That’s not what it sounded like the other day.”

“That was a moment of weakness.”

“Are you saying you’d rather get off with some fake cock than a real one?”

“When I have to. What’s it to you anyway?”

I narrow my brows, really seeing Viola in a much different way. I expected her to be humiliated when she realized she left it in the shower, but she’s barely flinched. Instead, she owns it completely. She’s definitely not an innocent twelve-year-old girl anymore. She’s the one girl who sees through my lines of bullshit and charm.

“It’s important to me if you can get yourself off or not,” I say, genuinely and mocking all at the same time. “As your temporary roommate, it’s my job to make sure you’re taken care of. If this little battery operated thing isn’t doing it, we’ll need to seek other options.”

“The vibrator only does part of the job,” she informs me, her words strong. “While I fuck myself, I rub my other hand over my clit, faster and faster, until my knees buckle and I scream.”

My throat is so fucking dry, I can barely get the words out. “You’re messing with me.”

She smiles and lowers her eyes back to her Kindle. “You should know better than to play mind games with a princess, King.”

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