“Your tits are amazing,” he says, bringing me closer to him. “I want to fucking come all over them.” He brings his mouth down on mine, stealing the gasp that was about to release. He rolls my nipple in between his finger and thumb, bringing it to a hard peak. I feel his hard cock pressed against me, and I’m greedy to taste it.

I bring my hand to his drawstrings again and this time, loosen them completely so they fall to his ankles. He kicks them off as I palm his shaft and feel it grow even harder.

“Goddammit, Viola,” he hisses against my lips, pressing his forehead against mine. “If your mouth feels half as good as your hand does, you’re going to kill me.” I feel his chest vibrate against me as he catches his breath. “I’m not coming in that filthy little mouth just yet.” He wraps both hands around my waist, pulling me up so my legs wrap around him. “We’ll save that for round two.” I hear the smile in his voice, and I don’t have enough willpower to deny him.

He walks us out of the kitchen and down the hall to his room. He pushes the door open with the heel of his foot and doesn’t close it behind him. I know no one else is home, but it still feels risky. By the time Travis lays me down on the bed and towers over me, all thoughts of it leave my mind.

My legs are still wrapped around him as he presses kisses to my throat and down to my collarbone. Moans vibrate against my skin as he makes his way down my chest and covers my nipple with his wet lips. My back arches on impact, begging him not to stop.

“Shit, Viola.” He groans in between sucking. His mouth, lips, and hands are all over me and it still doesn’t feel like enough. “You taste so fucking good.”

“Fuck me, Travis,” I demand, tightening my legs around him. “I need to see what all the fuss is about.”

“Don’t make me fuck that smart mouth of yours instead, princess,” he warns with a smile. My legs unwrap his waist as he pushes off the bed. I watch as he walks to his dresser and pulls out a box of condoms. Knowing I’ll only be a number of many, part of my stomach starts to turn.

He’s right about one thing. This isn’t me.

I close my eyes and think about the heartache I suffered from him years ago. I was a kid, I know, but no matter what my age was, it felt every bit real. Could I give in to Travis and still keep my heart intact? Would this change anything?

Did I want it to?

I watch as he slips the condom over his cock and my body shivers just watching how hard he is for me. Travis King. Standing in front of me, naked and hard, ready to fuck me like one of his whores.

As bad as it sounds, I can’t deny how much I want him to use me. I want to use him just as much. I want him to see and feel what he’s been missing out on and if that means giving a part of my soul away to make that point, then I will. Because the truth is, sleeping with Travis or not sleeping with Travis, changes nothing. This is all a game to him, and I don’t plan on losing.

He towers over me once again, my head a cloud as I feel the tip pressed against my clit. My eyes graze down his face, chest, and to the happy trail that leads me right to the gorgeous cock that my body is begging for. His arms on both sides of me, veins popping out, and his sculpted jaw all in front of me makes it impossible to resist what he’s offering. Fuck standards. Tonight I’m all in.

“Are you sure you’re ready?” He cocks his mouth to one side, a brow raised in confidence.

“Stop being a cocky asshole and fuck my tight cunt.” The words come out before I even know what I’m saying, but by the throaty groan he releases, I know he hadn’t expected it either.

“Jesus,” he says on a breath, pressing himself inside me. My back arches, greeting him, encouraging him to go in deeper. “Fuck, you’re so tight.”

It doesn’t take long for him to slide inside completely and form a rhythm. He grabs my leg and pushes my knee to my chest, driving himself even deeper. The sensation is almost too much, and I know it’s not going to be long before I explode again.

My moans are uncontrollable as I feel him against me. He pummels into me with no remorse, taking what he wants, and slowing down just when I feel myself building up. He knows it, too, and I’m sure it’s all part of his little game.

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