“You’re hilarious, Viola.” He props one knee up on the bed as he leans over with a sultry, shit-eating grin. In a low, deep whisper, he says, “You can’t fake the way your body responds to me, no matter how much you want to deny it.”

His lips are centimeters away from mine. I run my tongue along my lower lip before pulling it in between my teeth. I can’t decide if I should kiss him or punch him.

I groan, inhaling a deep breath. Stay strong, Viola, I remind myself.

“God, I hate you.” Seething, I press my palms against his chest and push him back. I stand up and toss my hair over my shoulder. So much for keeping my cool.

I walk through his room, having no idea where my clothes are, but needing to get the hell out of here.

“Yeah, I hate you too, princess,” he says right back. I glance at him as he pulls his boxer shorts back up, that smug look on his face driving me insane.

“Fuck off, Travis.” I turn back around, stepping out into the hallway.

“No need. Your tight cunt rode it raw,” he bellows, but I’m already down the hall, feeling the ache sting between my legs. I’ve never experienced anything like him before. I’ll deny it till the day I die, but Travis King and his royal cock have completely ruined me for anyone else.




It’s a quarter after four in the morning and my alarm is set to go off in less than three hours. My dick won’t calm down and all I want to do is take her again. She hates me, but what else it new? At this point, it’s just the normal Viola behavior. When she’s not angry with me, then I’ll be worried.

I skip the gym and sleep until seven. After waking up, all I can think about is being deep inside Viola’s tight little pussy. I want seconds and thirds and fuck I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want fourths. I want her begging to be fucked and the thought makes my dick twitch.

I shower and get dressed. Before heading out, I grab my thermos and the pictures from the table where I left them. The Alyssa shit needs to be settled today. She’s crossed the line one too many times and has to be made aware of where I stand before she continues to spin out of control. I drive in silence and feel like a zombie as I walk across the business parking lot.

As soon as I step off the elevator, the entire floor is eerily quiet. The printer isn’t shooting off stacks of papers and there’s no one gossiping in the break room. All the cubicles and offices are empty. Did the fucking apocalypse happen on my way to work?

I continue to my office and see a note from Blake about an emergency staff meeting. I go to the conference room next to his office. The chatter stops when I enter and Blake looks down at his watch with a smug ass look on his face. I smile at the blank faces sitting around the table and my eyes stop at the only empty seat available next to Alyssa, who’s beaming. I sit and turn my head toward him, ignoring her stare, and give silent permission to continue whatever the fuck is so urgent.

“As I was saying, my last day in this department is in two weeks.”

“What?” I interrupt aloud.

“I’ve been promoted to manage the sales executives,” he continues. “Though I’m transitioning to a new position, you’ll still report to me until the position is filled.”

While Blake continues on, Alyssa’s hand trails up my thigh until my balls are cupped in her hand. I play it cool, but the truth is, I’m so frustrated that I want to yank her from her chair and shake the fuck out of her. I hate how she brings me to that level. I hate how she brings the worst out in me. We had rules in place to protect us and she’s determined to ruin that in front of our entire department. I grab her hand and squeeze it hard, until she quietly squeals and pulls away.

“I’ve made recommendations for several of you for the position. I’ve spoken privately with a few of you over the last few days. I’d suggest signing on to the back office portal and submitting your resume if you’re interested in the opportunity.” Blake’s eyes gloss straight over me making it apparent that he isn’t speaking of me. Fuck him too. He ends the meeting and everyone is offering their congratulations, but I walk out. Alyssa trails behind me, heels clicking on the tile floor, and all I can think about are the pictures burning a hole in my pocket. I walk into my office and she follows. Once she enters I shut the door and lock it. I rush to her, pinning her against the door and she smiles.

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