“And why’s that?” I whisper with confidence. “You going to—”

He slides a finger under the fabric of my panties and moves them to the side. He rubs his thumb over my clit that’s already sensitive and aching. He adds just the right amount of pressure to make my body sing.

My hands rest on his shoulders and squeeze as he slides a finger inside. I grind my hips down and feel him go deeper. “So you want to tell me again how I’m not the boss of you?”

I want to slap that smug look of his right off his face, but instead I lean down and kiss him. At least I can shut him up for now.

He slides a second finger in, moving faster and pressing deeper. He swallows my moans with his mouth and kisses me with absolute ferocity.

“Don’t forget my rules, Viola,” he warns as my body tightens to a crescendo.

I release a harsh breath, resting my forehead against his as the build-up slows then releases. I grit my teeth and say, “One.”

He smiles. “That’s my good girl.”

I shake my head at him, narrowing my eyes. “You’re such an egotistical asshole.”

“Whatever keeps the fire burning,” he quips, his fingers sinking deep inside again. “You think it’d be this good if we didn’t hate each other so much?”

I grind against his hand, feeling the pressure build up again.

“Everyone has their own ways of getting off, princess. And pissing you off, seeing that look of distaste on your face, only makes me harder.”

“So what you’re saying is, hate-fucking is some kind of fetish of yours?”

“Just with you, Viola.” He smiles, pulling me closer and pressing his mouth to mine. “Only you.”

I count to three before I can no longer take it and demand he fucks me. He has me reach behind to grab a condom out of his center console.

“Condoms in your car? Really?” I ask as I hand it to him. “Could you be any more cliché?

“Could you be anymore desperate to ride it?” he counters, a sly smirk on his face, having zero shame.

I roll my eyes, pinching my lips together to hold in an amused chuckle. Why is it even the most crass things he says makes me melt like a pathetic lovesick puppy?

Sitting back, I watch him lower his shorts and roll the condom over his massive hard on. He grabs my hips and positions my body over him, sliding in slowly. He looks up at me, watching for my reaction. My eyes flutter closed as the sensation takes over my body and everything turns white. God, the way he makes me feel is indescribable. I hate him and his cocky attitude. The way he knows how to get exactly what he wants, even when I’m fighting it inside.

I’m completely losing myself in him. With every second, my heart beats a little faster, falls a little deeper, and every time his mouth covers mine, I forget how much he broke me in the past.

“Your pussy squeezes my dick so fucking hard,” he growls, fisting his hand in my hair as his other hand digs into my hip, rocking my body against his. His words make me grind into him faster and faster, wanting to see the look of satisfaction on his face.

“Fuck, princess. You like it so goddamn rough, don’t you?” His head falls back against the seat again, both hands gripping my waist as he arches his hips and pounds into me harder.

“Yesyesyesyes…” I cry, feeling him all the way inside me.

“One more,” he says, knowing exactly what he wants from me, but I’m not sure I can. My body is aching.

“I can’t,” I breathe out, panting. I’ve already counted to seven.

I see a sly smirk spread across his face. I know that look. “Oh come on, you’re not even trying.”

“Screw you,” I hiss, knowing it’s exactly the reaction he’s looking for.

He chuckles, reaching up and pulling my shirt and bra up. He sits up while keeping me in his lap and licks the tip of my nipple that’s standing at attention. He blows warm air over it while massaging the other one. I rock my hips faster against him as he wraps his mouth around the nipple and sucks it into his mouth.

He moans his approval and before he can move to my other nipple, I count out number eight. I’m completely spent. My legs feel numb from kneeling around him and my back feels like it might give out any moment.

“Stay with me, Viola,” he says, looking up at me. He must sense my exhaustion because before I can come to terms with what he’s doing, he wraps an arm around my waist and repositions us. Soon, I’m laying flat against the seats with him on top of me. “I see those years of gymnastics are paying off.” He spreads my legs wider, pushing himself back inside before I can think of a comeback.

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