“Oh hey, Travis. I didn’t know you were here. Did you order my drink, Lola?” Courtney gives me a wink then turns to Viola.

“No.” Viola isn’t amused, her lips in a firm line.

Courtney’s been dancing for the better half of the night and smells like gin, perfume, and sweat. I shake my head and a small smirk plays on my lips as Courtney leans over the bar like the typical drunk girl and orders another drink. She pats me on my back before she goes back to the dance floor.

Viola doesn’t even notice. The only person she’s looking at right now is me. And she’s shooting daggers at me.

I lick my lips and as hard as it is, I look her in the eyes. She’s flustered and upset, and I study her face.

“Have you been crying?” I’m genuinely concerned.



She rolls her eyes. “Whatever.”

My mouth slightly falls open to respond, when I realize I’ve done exactly what I never intended to do–hurt Viola. I should’ve let her explain and probably overreacted to the situation, but when it comes to Viola Fisher, I can’t control the impulse to stay guarded around her.

“Forget it. You’re an asshole, Travis. I should’ve figured as much.”

“Okay, I deserve that.” I wave to Krystal to close out my tab. “But in my defense—”

“Your defense?” She raises her brows. “Fuck off.” She spins around and begins walking through the crowd.


I don’t wait for my total, instead I just place a couple twenties down and rush after her. “Viola, wait!”

She ignores me and holds her arm up in the air, flipping me the bird with her right hand as she strides toward Courtney, who’s in a large group of girls dancing.

There’s no way I’m going to let her run this time.


I can’t stand to look at Travis any longer. My heart is racing as it slowly breaks, and all I want is to find Courtney and get the hell out of here. She’s the only reason I showed up anyway.

As soon as she texted me and asked for a ride home because she’d been drinking, I put on my shoes and drove over. After Travis’ stunt, I sent Jason away and sat alone in bed. I didn’t want to be that stupid girl that cried over a boy, but the way he acted the moment he saw Jason, without even letting me explain, had my emotions overflowing. This back and forth, from good moments to bad moments to hurtful moments, is becoming too much for me. I don’t know how much more I can take.

The plan was simple. Come in, grab Courtney, go back home and bury my face in my book until I pass out. When I walked in, the last person I expected to see sitting at the bar drinking was Travis.

It’s not the time or place to be so confrontational, not while I’m so volatile, so I turn and rush through the crowd as he calls my name. I can’t do this anymore and I have to stop it before I fall too far. Though I’m pissed at him, I’m madder at myself for even letting it to get this point. What the hell was I ever thinking?

Travis continues to call out my name, but I ignore him. Before I reach Courtney, he grabs my arm and pulls me to him. My body presses against his hard chest and I suck in a deep breath before I meet his eyes. Travis searches my face, and for a moment, I can’t find any words. We are lost in a sea of bodies, the only two people on the dance floor not moving to the slow beat of the music. His skin touching mine almost burns and I’ve got to get away from him before I say something I’ll regret later.

“Let go of me,” I say with a voice full of venom.

“Not happening.”

I try to pull away from him but his grip only tightens.

“Now,” I hiss, mimicking his tone from before.

But he doesn’t.

He gives me no other choice. I push against his chest, making him stumble back. His grip releases, giving me the chance to walk away and grab Courtney.

“It’s time to go,” I yell over the music.

I turn and look at Travis, who’s still standing where I left him, not taking a step forward.

“It’s time to go,” I repeat, pulling her through the crowd.

“Not yet,” she slurs. She has had way too much to drink.

“I can’t stay here another minute, Courtney. I’ve got to go.” The air is thick and my heart is ready to pound out of my chest.

“Where’s Travis?” She stumbles and I catch her.

“We’re done. I don’t care where he is.”

She pulls her hand out of mine and stops walking. “I’m catching a ride with Chelsea. She’s right over there.” Courtney points to her friend who waves at me and now I’m even more frustrated than I was before as realization sets in.

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