I click through countless folders on my computer and open my shared drive. It’s obvious Alyssa hasn’t contributed to our project because the last change was made yesterday by me. I suck in a few deep breaths and try to regain control and come up with a solid plan of execution. For hours I rush around with hopes to finish the report by the end of the day because it’s due in less than twenty-four hours. I sort through previous project requisitions, contracts, and even research competitors because if my name is going to be put on something, it needs to be top notch.

Fuck. I’m mentally and physically exhausted. Just like every other day since I received this blessing of a project, today is shit.

I run my fingers through my hair then glance down at my phone and see it’s nearly lunch time, but there’s no time to eat actual food so I grab an emergency protein bar I keep in my desk drawer and wolf it down.

Alyssa sashays outside of my office, pulling me back to the situation at hand, and I’m half tempted to follow her and tell her exactly what I think. Between the pictures, my tires, and her not pulling her weight, she deserves it. Just the thought of everything she’s put me through makes my blood boil. I’ve had enough of her shit. Just as I begin to stand, she turns around, steps in, and closes my door. She’s smiling, sweetly, which I know is a big fucking act. She’s the devil in designer clothes and lipstick.

I clench my jaw, the sight of her bringing the worst out in me.

“To what do I owe the pleasure of this little visit, Alyssa?” Sarcasm drips from each word, sitting back down in my chair.

“How’s our project going?” she casually asks, sitting down on the edge of my desk. She looks entirely too comfortable as her skirt rides up her thighs and then has the audacity to look me up and down, like she used to, but I know better. She uses her body to get anything she wants. Too bad her looks are trumped by her bitchy attitude.

“My project is going fucking wonderful. It’s due in the morning and since you’ve done less than your part, I’m scrambling to finish it. I should’ve expected that from you anyway.” I cross my arms over my chest and lock eye contact with her. “If only you took your job as seriously as you took sucking my dick,” I say dryly.

She laughs as if I told her a fucking joke. She stands and smiles. “Oh, Travis.” Her voice is thick with pity. “I turned in the project yesterday.” She taps her fake nails along the top of my desk.

“What the hell are you talking about?” I dig my nails into my palm.

Her face lights up like a Christmas tree. “Daddy was so impressed by it.” Her face contorts. “But it’s a pity you weren’t able to contribute anything useful. He couldn’t believe you wouldn’t put in the effort for something so important. If I remember correctly, I believe he said ‘Travis King is a disappointment’ and I agreed with him.”

“What the fuck did you do, Alyssa?” With nostrils flaring, I push my chair back and stand up.

Her evil grin doesn’t falter. “Some lessons are learned the hard way, Travis. This one you should’ve learned a long time ago.”

Unbelievable. Un-fucking-believable. My mind is reeling, and I’m so pissed I can barely control myself. Alyssa takes a step toward me. She’s standing so close, I can smell the stench of her overpriced perfume. She slides her hand down my chest until my dick is cupped in her hand. I’m trying to control my anger but it’s beginning to spill over.

I grab her wrists and force them tight to her side. My thumbs dig into her skin and she squirms before relaxing. It takes everything I have to not drag her from my office and throw her into the hallway. I release her arms, needing to control my temper before it gets out of hand.

“You’re the biggest fucking mistake I’ve ever made,” I say, realizing how much she disgusts me, even if I’m partially to blame. I knew I was playing with fire messing around with her, but I didn’t deserve this.

“And I’m sure I won’t be your last.” She throws her head back and laughs, like fucking with my career is some sort of fun game to her. The sneer on her face and the gleam in her eyes makes her look insane, but I don’t even flinch. She’s the epitome of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde right now. Her actions could ruin my future, ruin everything I’ve worked so hard to accomplish. Considering she’s never worked a day of her life, it brings me to a level of anger that I haven’t felt in a long time. Before I can speak, a knock rings out on the door and interrupts us. She narrows her eyes at me.

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