A text message pulls me from the pages and I check it immediately.

I’m taking a rain check on the pajama party. There’s a fight tonight, and I’m going to watch it at Jason’s house.

Alrighty. I smile almost immediately.

Drew will be gone for the next few hours, guaranteed, and Travis will be home any minute. My heart begins to flutter and my mouth goes dry. I shouldn’t feel this way and I kind of hate myself for it, but I push those thoughts aside. A part of me enjoys the thrill of sneaking around with Travis.

Like clockwork, I hear the rumble of the Challenger heading down the street. The engine cuts off in the driveway. I quickly tuck my hair behind my ears, lick my lips, and pick up my book. The door swings open and quietly clicks closed. I shut the book and my mouth falls open when I see Travis. He’s distraught and his hair is a disheveled mess. I swallow hard, waiting for him to speak, but he doesn’t. Instead, he walks to the kitchen and I hear the freezer door open and shut. Tequila.

“Travis?” I’m genuinely concerned by his demeanor.

“I’ve had a shitastic day.”

He’s on edge and isn’t making eye contact with me. I watch him take another gulp of tequila straight from the bottle.

“Okay? And?”

My phone begins to ding in the living room with text messages, and lots of them.

“You should probably get that,” Travis says and takes another swig.

I sigh and go into the living room and grab my phone. Courtney has sent me a total of fifteen text messages in one minute. I unlock my phone and begin reading.

OMFG!!!!!!! You’re never going to believe what just happened.

Toby just broke up with me. WITH ME!

Over text message.

What a fucking ASSHOLE!


I saw pictures of them together on Facebook and asked who she was.


The text messages go on and on and she’s still sending them.

I’m so sorry. Everything is going to be okay. I’ll text you back in just one minute. I’m not ignoring you, I promise.

And just like that, the messages temporarily stop. Thank God. I throw my phone on the couch just as Travis walks from the kitchen, removing his suit jacket. He places it on the back of the couch and undoes his tie with one hand because he’s tightly holding the bottle of Jose Cuervo in the other. Even though he’s not himself at the moment, he still looks hot as hell. I want him to talk to me, tell me what’s going on, but he’s sealed so tight I doubt the CIA could hack into him.

“I wish you’d tell me what’s going on,” I say, but don’t sound confident or even believable. I’ve not seen Travis like this in years. Not since he’d come over defeated from hearing his father scream at his mother.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” He pushes his shoes from his feet and props them on the couch and closes his eyes. I imagined when he came home, things would be much different. We have a few hours to spend together, to be together, but it’s obvious he wants to be alone right now.

“Fine.” I try to sound like I’m not hurt or disappointed, but my voice gives me away. I wish he’d talk to me, but I won’t force him.

I walk over to the couch and bend down to grab my phone. Courtney started with the texts again and I shoot her a quick one. Drew went to watch the game at a friend’s house, so I’m coming over. Cool if I stay over?


Before I can walk away, Travis grabs my hand and pulls me toward him. When I don’t budge, he pulls harder until I’m in front of him. The corner of his lips tilt up slightly because he knows I’m going to make him work for it.

He wraps both arms around my waist and pulls me down to him. Straddling his legs, my body falls on top of his and the warmth of him grazes my skin. I can see the pain in his eyes as I search his face, wanting him to talk to me.

He runs his fingers through my hair and I can’t help but sigh and lean into his touch. I inhale his cologne that’s mixed with a hint of tequila. Travis leans up and his lips trace the outside of mine causing my body to melt into him. Want and need travels through me and swirls in the pit of my stomach. Not being able to hold it back any longer, our lips crash together, causing a pool of emotions to spill over. Kisses aren’t supposed to steal your breath away, but somehow, that one did. We pull apart and I take a moment to study his face while his eyes are closed.

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