“Unpacking groceries. I figured it was the least I could do for making you help this week.”

“It’s fine. He’ll probably sleep most of the time anyway.” I walk toward the kitchen and see bags covering the counter. “Did you buy out the whole store, or what?”

“Well, I wasn’t sure what you wanted or what you could make without burning it, so I got a little of everything.”

I arch a brow and pout. “Funny.”

He shrugs, unapologetically. “I know.”

I help unpack everything and put it away, although I have no idea where he wants all this stuff, so I just randomly put them in the pantry.

“I’m going to check on Travis,” he says as we finish unpacking. “I have three more bags in the car…if you don’t mind grabbing them?” He flashes a wide grin my direction, knowing I can’t say no.

I groan. “Fine. You better have bought ice cream.”

He winks before walking away and heading down the hall to Travis’ room. I grab the rest of the bags and unload them all before I hear Drew waltz back in. “That was fast.”

“Well I wasn’t sure where everything went, so I just stuffed them all into the same cupboard.” I flash him an evil smile as I toss the empty bags in the recycling bin. “But I did manage to put the cold items in the fridge.”

“Why do you enjoying messing with my OCD?” I can almost see the twitch in his eyes and laugh.

“Because it’s just too damn easy.”

He groans and begins opening the doors to the cupboards and pantry. “Jesus, Vi.”

“That’s what you get.”

“For what?” he asks with genuine confusion.

“For making me drop by between classes and cutting into my study time,” I throw back in his face even though I don’t mind it that much.

“Well, according to Travis, you’re coming around to his charm.”

My heart begins to race in panic. “What?” I gasp, turning to read his expression. “What’s that mean?”

“Relax,” he says, chuckling at my expense. “You’re so jumpy today.”

“Am not!” I argue, although it’s a childish move.

“Man, I hope Travis lives to see this weekend.” He cracks a grin. “Should’ve warned him he’d be rooming with Aunt Flo, too.”

“Oh, my God!” I squeal, throwing the first thing I can reach off the counter.

A banana.

“You’re such an ass sometimes!” The words come out in between laughter, so I’m not too convincing. “I am not PMS-ing!”

“Could’ve fooled me,” he teases, throwing the banana back at me.

“Is this some kind of weird family tradition I’m unaware of?” Travis’ question comes from behind me, and the closeness of his body to mine sends a thrill down my spine.

Drew chuckles and shifts around me. “Need anything?”

“Nah, man. I’m fine.”

Travis glances to me, giving me a look that makes me want to ask what he’s thinking, but with Drew around us, I know I have to act as I had pre-hatefuck.

“Would you like me to reserve your daily one-night stand before or after your dinner?” The words shoot out of my mouth before I can stop them, and the sly grin that spreads across Travis’ face isn’t missed. I swallow down my words. I don’t want to say crass things, but I’ve been on defense mode around Travis for so long that it comes out whether I mean it to or not.

He sinks his teeth into his bottom lip before releasing it and replacing his expression with a cocky grin. “That depends. Are you offering to be my appetizer or my dessert?” He leans against the wall with his arms crossed, both brows raised. It’s easy for him to throw words back at me—lots of practice.

My jaw drops at his audacity, especially in front of Drew. I know it’s a game I have to play, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to let him make all the moves without a fight.

“Well, you know what they say. Save the best for last.”

“Then I’ll choose to eat dessert first.” His smug look burns into me, and it takes all the willpower in the world to walk away.

“You two shouldn’t be left in the same room together,” Drew interrupts our stare down. “And dude,” he says, turning to Travis, “you fracture your ribs, and you’re still hitting on my sister?”

He shrugs with a smirk.

“You’re lucky you’re already hurt, or I’d break the rest of your ribs.” I know he’s joking, but the way he says it sounds like a genuine threat. Travis may be his best friend, but he’s made it known he’d never approve of Travis making a move on me.

“I bet I could take you, broken ribs and all,” Travis teases, pushing him with his good shoulder.

Drew flashes him a look that says otherwise. “Oh, please.” He goes back to reorganizing the cupboards as Travis and I stand awkwardly. He’s looking intently at me like he wants to say something, but there’s nothing else to say—especially with Drew around.

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