I motion for her to turn around so I can dry the rest of her, and when she does, I take my time as I touch her. I lean forward, kissing then biting each shoulder, as my fingertips trace down her torso, memorizing her body. My chest rests against her back, and she leans against me as I guide my hand over a breast, pinching her hard nipple before moving lower. With each ragged breath, she melts into my touch, and I drop to my knees in front of her. At first, she gives me a worried look, but I shake my head as I rest one of her legs over my shoulder. She doesn’t fully put her weight on me but gives me what I want. I have to fucking taste her.

Viola closes her eyes, sinking deeper into my tongue as I flick her clit. The way she tastes, and the way her skin smells so sweetly, makes my cock throb. She leans against the door, steadying herself, taking her nipples between her fingers and pinching and pulling them. It’s almost too much for me to watch. I dip my tongue inside, listening to her pants as I tongue fuck her to oblivion. I can taste the edge of her orgasm, and as much as she wants it right then, I slow down my movements, allowing her to enjoy it even more.

“Please,” she begs, but I don’t listen.

As her leg shakes in anticipation, I guide a finger in, then another, and after a few more swirls on her hard nub, Viola moans my name again and whispers ‘two’ like it’s a prayer.

“You’re so goddamn greedy,” I tell her as I place a finger in my mouth, tasting her sweetness again.

“You’ve created a monster,” she says playfully.

“Mm. Love the sound of that. My little sex monster.”

After we’re both dry, she laces her fingers with mine and leads the way, taking full control. She turns and looks at me as we walk down the hallway, and it’s a moment I never want to forget.

Viola in the raw.

Viola happy.

Viola with me.

Fuck me, maybe all that Mickey Mouse shit is real and dreams really do come true.

Once the bedroom door shuts, I can’t keep my hands from her. I grab her face and brush my lips against hers. Light moans escape from her as our tongues tangle together, fighting a war that neither of us will win. She stands on her tiptoes and wraps her arms around my neck, pulling deeper into the kiss.

“You’re so goddamn beautiful,” I whisper against her lips. All inhibitions roll from her shoulders, and when she looks into my eyes, I know there’s no other woman in the world that can make me feel this way. Fuck, if this is a game, I’ll gladly lose if it means having her exactly like this.

Grabbing her chin between my fingers, I search her face as her eyes flutter open. “I want to fuck you until you can’t walk.”

She cracks a smile. “You were worrying me for a second. Didn’t know if that smart mouth was still in there.”

“I may have left it in your sweet little pussy.”

“Oh, my God, Travis. You’re so vile.”

“I love riling you up. Makes me hard as fuck.”

She looks down at my cock, which is at full attention, and smirks. “Obviously.”

“And you like it, so…”

She drops down to her knees and licks the precum from the tip, then takes her time licking me. I grab fists of her hair as she manages to put most of me in her mouth. My eyes practically roll in the back of my head when she cups my ass in her hands and shoves me deeper down her throat.

“Mm,” I say, knowing that if she keeps up this rhythm, I won’t be able to last much longer. It’s been too long since I’ve felt her. It’s been too long since I’ve felt this overwhelming need. And though I’m known for my stamina, right now, it’s complete bullshit. I watch her every movement as she slows her pace, paying attention to every inch. Before she brings me to the edge, she looks up at me and places my balls in her mouth, teasing me, while she strokes me. Holy. Fuck.

“Viola.” I look into her eyes, and she knows. Our gaze isn’t broken as I come, and she swallows it all.

“King,” she says, smiling.

I take her hand and lead her to the bed, kissing the fuck out of her before she falls back against my pillows. Taking my time, I sit on the edge and position myself beside her. The pain is a motherfucker, but it’s nothing more than an inconvenience when Viola’s naked body is pressed against me, practically begging me with every blink of her eyes.

I run my fingers through her hair before our kisses transform into pure greed.

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