“The things you’ve already done to me.”

“You’re never enough, princess.”

“And sometimes you’re too much.” I smile against his lips. My heart is fluttering, and I’m practically gasping for air. The intensity of that single kiss lights my body on fire, and it’s so hard to leave, but I muster the strength to stand.

“You almost cast a spell on me, King,” I say, before leaning down and giving him another smack on the lips.

I walk to my car and sit in the driveway for a few moments, trying to process it all. Being with Travis felt different today. It felt real and meaningful, as if our souls touched for the first time since we were kids. For the first time in years, I saw the boy I fell in love with. And I hope he never leaves again.

Once I start the car, I realize how late I am. Shit!

Hurriedly, I park at my dorm and run across campus, arriving to class late. I sit down, hair a mess, with swollen lips. I try to listen to my professor speak about managing projects with a focus on long-term strategies instead of day-to-day issues, but my mind goes to Travis.

After class I text him.

V: Courtney is begging me to come over. Do you need anything?

His response is immediate, and I instantly smile.

T: Just you.

V: You should be resting.

T: You should be sitting on my face.

V: OMG! Now your phone is evidence. It must be destroyed.

I’m half tempted to send him some of those crazy dick pics, but I refrain—for once.

T: I’m taking a nap now. Nurse’s orders :)

V: Sweet dreams.

I send the text quickly as I throw my bag in the back of my car.

T: Only if you’re in them.

V: Gag. You’re laying it on thick.

T: You like it thick.

Shaking my head, I should’ve anticipated that response from him.

V: Shut it and go to sleep! Your meds have made you delirious.

I respond before starting the car and driving to Courtney’s in complete silence. My mind is racing a million miles per hour as I replay everything that’s happened.

“I guess my bribe texts and dick pics worked,” she says with a wide smile when she opens the door.

“Of course! Nothing like soft penises that hang over balls like waterfalls!” I lay on the sarcasm, laughing at the thought of those horrific pictures.

“I needed someone else to be scarred for life, too. Just sharing the love.”

“What would I ever do without you?” I ask.

“Study twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, probably.” She stuffs her phone inside her pocket and smiles back at me. She’s in a much better mood than last week. Court’s almost herself again, and I’m so happy to have her back.

“Come on; we have somewhere to be.”

I narrow my eyes at her as we walk out of her apartment toward the Jeep. After unlocking it, she pulls her long blonde hair into a high ponytail. Before she reverses, Courtney gives me a wink then slams on the gas, causing the wheels to squeal out in protest. Soon we’re cruising through neighborhoods, and she turns down the music and begins with her questions.

“So…” She wiggles her eyebrows at me.

“Things are great,” I say with a big smile.

“You’ve already had sex, haven’t you?”

My mouth drops open. “Well…”

“I love the two of you together. Did he ever say why Mia was with him?” She looks over at me, hoping I’ll give her all the dirty gossip, but there’s nothing to say.

“He said nothing happened, so I’m choosing to believe him.”

Courtney pulls into the mall parking lot. “Where is Viola Fisher and what have you done with her?”

“If Drew trusts him and believes nothing happened, and Travis says nothing happened, all I can do is follow my heart and trust him, too.”

She gives me a big smile. “Good. Because I saw the way he looked at you last week. He’s got it bad. Almost lovesick puppy love shit. Plus, he’d be an idiot to mess that up. You’re a ten, Lola.”

I roll my eyes at her and shake my head, and she gives me a quick wink.

“Now let’s go buy tons of sexy lingerie. It always makes me feel better.”

I laugh. “I can’t afford it. It’s too expensive.”

She smiles and flashes her credit card. “My treat. Well, my parent’s treat, but the same thing. You’re the Selena to my Taylor.”

We walk through the mall and stop inside Victoria’s Secret. The lace is so pretty and soft, and it’s been way too long since I’ve splurged on myself. Between tutoring, paying for what groceries I can afford, and my ridiculous Starbucks habit, I’m just a broke college student, scraping by. Courtney doesn’t act entitled like some of the other rich girls at school, but her parents do support her shopping habits. I pray to the retail gods that she finds a job that pays her well or she marries a man with deep pockets. I laugh at the thought.

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