I smile and toss the controller, wrapping a hand around her throat and whispering in her ear, “What did I say about playing games with the king, princess?” I drag the tip of my tongue along her ear and down her neck. “I’m about to teach you a royal lesson.”


I forgot what it was like to be in a new relationship with the all-consuming, desperate to be near one another, sex 24/7 feeling.

In almost every romance novel I’ve read, the couple goes through a cycle of nonstop sex while waiting to get to know each other after the fact. I’m not opposed to the nonstop sex one bit, but I’ve known Travis for the last ten years. I already know him and trust him with every beat of my heart. I’ve had my doubts since this whole thing began, but every single day he proves me wrong, and I fall deeper and deeper.

And I never want that feeling to go away. Ever.

But what weighs on my mind is finally telling Drew about us, and what’s going to happen after graduation. I’m a worrier by nature, so it’s not easy to relax about things that bother me, but I get lost every time Travis and I are together. My mind blocks out the negative, and my body begs for his touch.

It never feels like enough.

Once my hands are blotchy and stinging from carpet burn, Travis and I lay tangled together on the floor. He kept me bent over, rocking back and forth inside me as I clenched my fingers underneath me. He wrapped an arm around my waist and rubbed my clit until I could no longer take it. His other hand grabbed my breast as I screamed out his name and he came inside me.

“I wonder if cum stains carpet.”

He chuckles. “I was just about to ask what you were thinking about, but maybe I don’t want to know.”

I playfully pat a hand over his flawless abs. “It’s a valid concern.”

“Oh, definitely.” I hear his condescending tone and know he thinks I’m being crazy.

“I’m going to Google it,” I say, trying to sit up, but he pulls me back down.

“You are seriously the biggest nerd.” He wraps his arm around me again and kisses the top of my nose. “I’ll take care of it, okay? I think I have a little more experience in that area than you.”

I roll my eyes at him and sigh. “Fine.”

We lay in silence for a short moment, until my stomach begins growling and I realize I haven’t eaten since before class this morning.

“That’s it,” he says, pulling us both up. “You need fuel.”

“I can make something,” I offer, reaching for my bra and shirt. “I can make a grilled cheese and soup if you want.”

He grabs my hand and places a sweet kiss on it. “No. Not today, princess.”

“Oh?” I raise my brows. “Are you going to cook for me then?”

“Even better.” He places another quick kiss. “Today, I’m taking you out. Get dressed.”

“Wait,” I say, following his lead and standing up. “Like out, out?”

“Yeah. You’re my girl, and I want to take you out for lunch. You okay with that?” His lips curve into a devilish grin, knowing exactly what his words do to me.

I pinch my lips, fighting the urge to plaster a big, cheesy grin over my face. Travis doesn’t do dates—ever. Even in high school, his hookups never got the royal treatment that I know he’s kept exclusively for me.

“Okay.” I smile.

We both redress and clean ourselves back up. My hair looks like it went through the dryer and my makeup is smudged all the way down to my neck. I watch as Travis splashes water over his face and gargles with some mouthwash. We both stand in the bathroom, getting ready like we’re some old couple that’s been sharing a bathroom for fifty years. It’s nice. Comforting.

He winces as he pulls his shirt back on, and that’s when I notice the bruise on his chest is still dark.

“It looks pretty dark still,” I say, facing him so I can analyze it better.

“It doesn’t hurt, princess,” he answers as if he’s reading my mind. “Just a little sore when I raise my arms up, but other than that, it’s manageable.”

“Are you taking the pain meds?”

“Only at night, but I don’t plan on refilling them either. I have a follow-up appointment next week, and they’ll probably give me something that isn’t so strong if I need it.”

“You were lucky,” I say, rubbing a hand over the fabric of the shirt. “Probably it was all those bulky muscles that protected you from further internal injuries.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

I smile up at him. “It’s not. Just that they could crush me in a second, so I’m sure they acted like a little extra padding during the accident.”

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