I groan. Would it make me sound like a brat if I didn’t want to go? But I don’t want to disappoint my mom, so reluctantly I agree.

After hanging up, I head to class and immediately after, I head back to my dorm and pack an overnight bag. I make sure to bring a few extra books just in case and store them in my favorite Book Beau sleeves. I text Travis before crawling into bed, and tell him how much I’ll miss him. I also make sure to remind him of the leftover Chinese food in the fridge that Drew brought home, so he doesn’t go hungry.

And of course, being the cocky bastard that he is, responds with a smartass comment.

T: Don’t forget to talk shit about me all weekend, otherwise Drew might get suspicious.

V: Shouldn’t be too hard. Been doing it for the past ten years :)

T: So, you have lots of practice then. But maybe just slip in a little mention about how big you think my dick is.

V: Not as big as your ego apparently!

T: You can’t help but love both qualities about me though ;)

I laugh to myself, knowing he’s right about that.

I text him one last goodnight text before grabbing my Kindle and falling asleep.

I hear noises coming from outside my door, which means my roommates are up and have absolutely no consideration for anyone else in the house. Rolling over, I grab my phone and see a collection of text messages from Travis.

Top 5 reasons you have the best boyfriend in the world…

#1. You’ll always look good on my arm (my very muscular arm, of course).

#2. I’ll always let you eat the last French fry off my plate even if you dip them in mayo and it’s the grossest thing ever.

I chuckle at the second one, remembering when we were kids that he always shared his fries with me because I always ran out before everyone else.

#3. I’ll always let you be the first to count to 5 — you’re welcome.

#4. Even though I’d never admit it publicly, I’ll watch your cheesy chick flicks with you (mostly because I hope it ends with you underneath me).

I laugh at the memory of us watching Bridget Jones’ Diary.

#5. I’ll eat your pussy for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (actually all 3 because I’m a greedy bastard).

By his last text, I’m blushing like hell and giggling all at the same time. It still doesn’t feel real. I decide to return the favor and text him back before I have to get ready and leave.

Top 5 reasons you have the best girlfriend in the world…

#1-5. She puts up with your shit.

Bonus reason: Mary-Kate and Ashley (you’re welcome).

I smile proudly and finally get up to take a shower. Once I’m dressed and my hair is brushed, I head out to the kitchen where my roommates are all hovering over the coffeepot as if it’s going to spew out million dollar bills at any moment.

“Who is this stranger?” Ashley asks with a smile.

“I think she lives here,” Kate adds.

“We haven’t seen you in years,” Kayla exclaims in an overly-dramatic tone.

I roll my eyes as I drop my bag on top of the table.

“You’re all drama queens,” I fire back. “And for the record, I do live here, in between studying and trying to get some sleep.”

“And getting laid,” Kayla quips. Her light brown hair is twisted up into a messy bun, and her makeup is still on from the night before. We haven’t hung out a lot this semester, but we’ve known each other for the past couple of years. She’s usually the quiet one, too, so the fact that she’s the one to mention that makes me suspicious of what they’re all thinking.

I furrow my brows, acting confused. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I pretend to look for something in my bag, but I know they can see right through me.

“You have it written all over you, girlfriend,” Ashley speaks up. “You’re gone for lunch almost every day; you’re distracted when you actually are here, or rather, when you aren’t locked up in your room, and you haven’t been able to wipe that stupid giddy smile off your face for the past week.”

“So, that automatically means I’m getting laid?”

“Yes,” they all say in unison, and I blush, because dammit, I was trying so hard not to be that girl.

“Well, I’m pleading the fifth.” I grab my bag and toss it over my shoulder. “I’m heading home for the weekend, though, so that means I won’t be back until tomorrow.”

“Did someone die?” Kate’s question catches me off guard.

“No, why?”

“I can’t remember the last time you went home for the weekend.”

I shrug, knowing she’s right, but not wanting to get into the details of it.

“Drew and I are just going for a short visit; that’s all.”

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