“Oh, you’re going with your brother?” Kayla’s voice suddenly increases an octave. Seriously? Why do all my friends want inside Drew’s pants?

“Yes, and unfortunately, he’s going to torture me with all the details of him and his lame girlfriend.” I wish he wouldn’t.

“He’s still dating that same girl he met last summer?” she asks.

I shrug lightly, not sure what’s going on between them at the moment. “On and off, so I’m not certain, but I know Drew’s crazy about her.” God only knows why.

“Well, tell him hi for me!”

“Uh, sure!” I slide my shoes on and head toward the door, waving to the rest of them. “Bye, guys!”

I see a text from Drew filter in and I quickly read it.

D: Be there in 5. Your ass better be ready.

I roll my eyes and scoff at his assumption that I wouldn’t be.

V: I’ve been waiting for over a half an hour. Your ass better have Starbucks and a blueberry muffin.

I might’ve bent the truth a bit, but he doesn’t have to know that. I see Travis messaged me back as well.

T: To be fair to Mary-Kate and Ashley, I think they should be #1-5 on your list. They do work really hard on being firm, perky, and always make sure their nipples are at attention when I’m around. Not to mention, they have this superpower way of communicating to my dick anytime they’re looking for some extra attention. I think that’s a legit skill.

V: You’re ridiculous. P.S. Don’t act so surprised at all my marvelous talents. My pussy has magical powers, too.

T: Wonderful. Now I’m hard.

I laugh just thinking about how he probably really is hard.

V: Told you. Magical powers.

T: Well if you want some REAL dick pics this weekend, just let me know :)

Smiling, I respond.

V: Why? You know a good porn site?

T: Don’t tempt me, princess…

V: And what fun would that be?

Drew pulls up in his jacked-up truck just as I hit send, so I stuff my phone into my pocket.

“About time!” I shout through the window. “I could’ve been kidnapped out here, I’ve been waiting so long.”

“Shut up and come get your coffee, smartass.”

“Someone’s in a good mood this morning,” I tease, throwing my bag in the back and hopping in the passenger seat.

“I’m always in a good mood; what are you talking about?”

I snort and snap my buckle in place. “Well, are you ready to get this over with?”

“I’d rather cut my right testicle off.” He groans, pulling out of the parking lot.

“Well, I know a few friends of mine would be disappointed, so maybe leave them attached for now.”

He finally breaks a smile and laughs. “Deal.”



I’m actually starting to enjoy waking up to no alarm. As hard as it is, I try not to text Viola while she’s with Drew. The less distracted she is, the better, because her body gives her away, and we can’t be having that. And the fact that Drew is around and Viola doesn’t lock her phone ever makes it a little dangerous.

My cell vibrates in my pocket, and I pull it out and see my mother’s picture flash across the screen. Quickly, I answer.

“I was thinking about driving over today to visit you. Want to go out for lunch?”

“Yeah, Mom, sure. I’d love to see you.” I look around at the mini-disaster the house is in and can’t help but glance at the spot where Viola and I christened the floor. It was a first for me, too.

An hour later, I decide to get dressed. I’m sure the whole Justin Bieber wife beater and baggy jogging pants look with messy ass hair wouldn’t be acceptable. I at least have to try to look presentable for my mother. When I hear a car door shut, I check the peephole. Before she can knock, I open the door and pull her into a hug.

“Oh, son! Your face.”

I smile. “You should see the other guy.”

“I was worried about you. I stopped by the hospital.”

“I know, I know. I’m fine.”

I lock up the house, and then we drive to a deli across town that she loves. Apparently, they serve the best chicken salad in all of California, or so she says. Once we order, I fill her in on everything that’s been going on since the accident.

“So, your car?” She takes a sip of water.

“Totaled.” I haven’t thought about it too much. Next week I’ll have to start taking care of business. That car was the first expensive thing I bought myself after I started working at Crawford Marketing.

“I know how long you saved for it,” she says, looking a little sad.

“Full coverage is amazing. I’ll get another one. But with heated seats and darker tint.” I laugh, trying to lighten the mood.

“How’s the job?” She’s asking the usual questions to fill time.

After our food arrives, she takes a bite of her sandwich. I pick at my salad, but I’m not hungry, as usual.

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