“What have you done?” I question, warily.

“Let me drive. My surprise.”

“Are you sure you can handle Tatum?” I open the door and step out; he slaps my butt hard before he climbs inside.

“Handle Tatum? I will destroy him.”

Travis reverses out of the driveway, causing the wheels to squeal as he heads toward the stop sign. I’m pretty sure my car has never been driven like that.

“Oh, my God. Don’t drive my car like you rented it.”

“I’m driving it like I stole it, princess.” He tilts his head at me as he accelerates toward the freeway. “But the good news is, we’re getting fifty miles to the gallon.”

We talk about everything and nothing all at the same time, not once bringing up the fact that our days together are numbered. As much as I try, I can’t help but think about how much I’m going to miss this. There are still so many firsts to be had, and Drew doesn’t even know. At this rate, we could probably hold off telling him until after I leave, not allowing it to disrupt what we have going on. If it’s not broken, maybe we shouldn’t fix it, right now.

An hour passes, and I start to grow suspicious. Travis takes the exit off Highway 580 and loops under the bridge. I look past him and can see the choppy water of the bay. He slows, and then pulls into an empty driveway and a house with no lights on.

“Come on,” he says, turning off the car and leading me up the sidewalk by the hand.

On the front—surrounded by seashells—is the address. A big bay window faces the water, and I can almost imagine people inside looking out. The view is breathtaking.

“What are we doing?” I reluctantly ask.

“We’re walking.”


He types a code into the front door, and like magic, it clicks open. The inside is dark, and he runs his hand against the wall.

“Lumos,” I say, and as soon as I do, the lights flick on. “And you think spells don’t work,” I scoff.

“I never said that. You’ve obviously put one on me.” He leans his shoulder against the wall and watches me marvel. The house is beautiful. The ocean-themed décor, paired with the long wall of books, makes it feel cozy.

“Whose house is this?” I run my finger across so many classic books. It’s like I’m saying hello to old friends.

“An old college friend who owes me big-time. His parents bought him this house when he received his acceptance letter and a full scholarship. Instead of dealing with the hassle of selling when he moved to New York, he just Airbnb’s it. So…”

“You called in a favor?”

Travis nods. “And now I’m going to fulfill a fantasy and fuck you against that window.”

The space between us vanishes and Travis’ lips are pressed hard against mine.

“Do you trust me?” he asks, flipping off the light, allowing the setting sun to bleed in.

“I trust you with my heart.”

He smiles against my lips, running his hand up my shirt, palming my breast. “Good.”

A chill runs down my spine as he undresses me. Though his hands are careful, his mouth is dangerous, needy. Meeting his intensity, I undress him, until we are both standing naked in front of the large bay window. The street is quiet, and when I turn to look outside, the burnt sun sets over the horizon. Travis moves my hair from my shoulder and bites down, causing a mixture of pain and pleasure to soar through me. With his erection against my ass, he moves me forward until my breasts are pushed against the cold glass before he slides in. Just the thought of someone being able to see us makes me want to lose control, and he makes it too easy.

Travis gives absolutely no fucks, and takes me hard and rough, just like I want. He tugs at my hair and bites along my neck and shoulders. The intensity of him is almost too much to handle. We aren’t quiet. We fuck loud and hard and don’t give two shits if the world sees us as he slams into me against the window.

I beg for more.

I beg for it harder.

And he’s relentless, one-upping my requests, and I want him to.

The king is using his royal cock in ways I’ve never experienced. And I love it.

The euphoria of him is so much I almost forget my own name, and I’ve resorted to gibberish. I’m pretty sure Travis is trying to break me or leave his imprint, but he already has. I won’t be forgetting this any time soon.

He flips me around, grabbing my nipple between his teeth as he slams his cock in me. I lean my head against the cool glass, and I have no idea how he’s doing this with broken ribs, but I don’t even question him. He’s in total control tonight. It’s as if he’s fucking away all of his emotions about me leaving and I’m happy for the release. I’m happy to forget about it all and be lost in nothing but the moment, for once. My body is a slave to him, and I ride the orgasmic waves over and over again, only to be selfish and want even more. My sexual appetite matches his, and I’m proud of that.

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