“Fuck, Viola,” he hisses when I slide my tongue along his shaft. “You really want me around sharp knives and a hot stove when you have my dick in your mouth?”

I nod, running my tongue along the edge of his tip as it twitches from the warm, teasing contact.

“You realize I’ll end up cutting my damn hand off or something.”

“Then I suggest you be extra careful.”

“No way.” He moans, leaning his hands on the stovetop and sliding his dick deeper into my mouth.

I pull him out and tease him once again, watching as he nearly crumbles over me. “C’mon, King. You don’t want to play?”

“Goddammit, Viola,” he hisses, knowing exactly what kind of game I’m talking about. “Fuck, princess. Your mouth is fucking perfection.”

“Don’t forget the rules,” I say, reminding him of our little game. “You come before dinner’s ready, you lose.”

“Sounds more like a win to me,” he says smugly, trying to control his breathing.

“And if you don’t, you get to come somewhere else…” I drawl, lingering my words because he knows exactly what I mean. The only reason I agreed to those terms is because I know Travis King well enough to know he’ll never be able to hold off that long.

“Game on, princess.”



Drew strides back into the dining room just as I’m setting the table. I can tell something’s bothering him by the way his features tighten up and how he brushes his hand through his hair. I know he’s been talking about Mia a lot lately, but he hasn’t really said much about her since the last time he told me they spoke.

“What’s going on?” Drew asks, nodding his head toward the table.

“I’ve got some food in the oven. You want some?”

“You made dinner?” He arches a brow in disbelief.

“Yeah, Viola said she was hungry, so I put something together.”

He pulls a chair out and sits down. “Since when can you cook?”

“Since now,” I fire back. “You going to eat or drill me all night?”

“Sorry, man. Mia is driving me nuts.”

“I thought you two were going to talk or something?”

“Well, we were, but she won’t tell me anything until we’re face to face, and just by the tone of her voice, it doesn’t sound good.”

I pinch my lips together, knowing exactly what Mia should tell Drew, but knowing her, she’ll twist it around somehow and play the victim.

“When is she coming, then?”

“My next day off isn’t until next Wednesday, so she’s going to drive up Tuesday night and spend the night.”

I contemplate giving him a heads-up, but I’m not really in the position to be delivering bad news. “Well, hopefully, you guys can work it out.” The words come out sincere, but not at all believable.

“It’s just driving me insane. Is it that bad she can’t just tell me over the phone and put me out of my misery? I’ve even contemplated taking a sick day and driving up there myself, but she’s in the middle of studying for her upcoming finals, so I just have to fucking sit and wait.”

Viola walks in before I can respond. “Maybe Gryff can cheer you up.” She holds the puppy up with a wide smile.


“Geez. Now who’s the one manstrating?” She cradles Gryff to her chest and takes a seat.

He sighs. “So, what’s the deal here? Are you two like…friends now?”

I see Viola’s body go stiff in her chair and know I’m going to have to be the one to smooth this one over. “I thought you’d appreciate no fighting for one night.” I flash a small smile, shrugging nonchalantly. The oven timer goes off, and I walk back to the kitchen, leaving Viola alone with Drew.

I can hear her talking to him about the puppy and trying to get him to warm up to the idea of having him at the house. By the time I bring the food in, he’s smiling and holding Gryff.

“Well if Mia and I don’t work out, at least Gryff will be around to keep me company,” he says as he gets licked by the dog.

I walk back out and bring in some drinks before sitting down. Viola grabs the spoon and starts scooping dinner onto her plate. After Drew sets Gryff down, he grabs the dish next.

“So, King, first a puppy and now dinner? You trying to get into my sister’s pants?”

Before I can answer, Viola chokes on her drink and nearly spews it all over the table.

“You all right?” Drew turns and asks.

She coughs a few more times before rubbing a hand over her throat. “Yeah, uh, just went down the wrong pipe.”

My heart is beating out of my chest at the tension in the air and a part of me just wants to tell him right now and get it over with, but I know Viola would kill me if I did. I promised we’d tell him when she was ready.

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