“Get down, buddy.” I push him slightly, and he jumps down, giving me the opportunity to roll off the couch. “Where’s Daddy?” I ask him as we walk down the too quiet hallway. “Travis?” I call out, but no one answers. “Hmm, weird.”

I use the bathroom and get myself something to drink. We should be leaving within the hour to meet up with his family, so I know he can’t be too far away. I dig into the fridge and grab an apple to hold me over until dinner. I glance around and see the newspaper lying on top of the kitchen table. I shuffle through it until the words Crawford Marketing grabs my attention.

Well, well, well. Wouldn’t ya know? Little Miss Blondie got herself into a little bit of legal trouble. I can’t even feel sorry for someone like that. Karma’s a bitch, after all.

“Viola?” I hear Travis’ voice call out. I look behind me and see him all dressed up in a black suit and tie. I swallow, needing to control my breathing. He’s always looked amazing in suits, but tonight, something is different. He looks incredible. And happy.

“Where’d you go?” I ask.

“I had to run a couple of errands. What are you doing?”

“I just woke up, and the baby was hungry, so we found a snack,” I say as he wraps his arms around me, the baby bump putting more space between us than usual.

“I see that.” He dips his head and takes a bite of the apple. “We have to leave soon,” he reminds me.

“I know. I was just looking at a very interesting article in the paper.” I purse my lips.

“Yeah, nothing like bad press for one of the largest firms in the state.”

“Maybe that means Royalty Marketing will be the next best thing.” I grin, knowing he’s about to scold me.

“It’s King Marketing, stop trying to make Royalty Marketing happen!”

I burst out laughing at his Mean Girls reference. “Oh, my God! Don’t make me laugh! I might pee!”

“So, then I shouldn’t do this?” He brings his hands down and tickles my sides. He laughs harder the more I squirm and as much as I try to back out of his trap, he doesn’t let up.

“I see those chick flicks have really benefited you.”

He finally stops torturing me and pulls me in close. “It was the only way to feel close to you for those six months. But after Drew caught me crying alone in my room to The Notebook, he basically stripped me of my man card.”

“So, then is this the part where you ask me to slow dance in the rain and gaze into my eyes and say sweet nothings in my ear all night long?”

He chuckles, presses his lips to the shell of my ear, and whispers, “I told you I’m not like those guys in your romance books. I’ll say exactly what I want, and what I want is to bend you over this kitchen table and fuck you until you count to ten. Or until the table breaks, whichever happens first.” I feel his cocky smirk against my neck, but I know he’s dead serious.

“If our baby comes out swearing filthy words, I know who’s to blame.”

“I’ll plead the fifth.” He leans down and kisses my mouth.

I wrap my arms around him and pull him closer. “How did this happen?” I ask, breaking the kiss but staying pressed against him. “How could I leave you for six months? Why did you wait for me?”

The emotions I feel for Travis are becoming too much for me to handle. They’re overflowing, and I have been feeling more and more guilty for what I’ve put him through. Everything that happened between us, from being kids to teenagers, to where we are now. Some days I wake up and can’t understand how we made it here.

“Why are you crying, princess?” He rubs his thumb over my cheek and catches the tears.

I shrug because I know the words won’t come out right.

“Everything that happened needed to happen so we could make it to where we are right now. Happy, in love, about to have a baby…” He smiles so wide that it makes me start tearing up all over again. “I can’t even be mad how it went down because look how things ended up, princess. You, me, our baby. It’s all I’ve ever wanted, and I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

“You truly are perfect, Travis King. Do you know that?” I wipe away the rest of my tears and smile up at him, admiring how good he looks tonight.

“Only when I have my other half does it feel like my life is perfect, and that’s only thanks to you.” He tilts up my chin and presses his lips to mine once again. Damn him. I could stay here with him all day, and never tire of the way he kisses me.

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