Last night wasn’t a dream.

My body stiffens because I’m too nervous to look and see if Drew is lying next to me. My heart is pounding, and my head is aching from the excessive alcohol I drank last night. I don’t normally binge drink like that, but it was my best friend’s wedding reception with an open bar, so it’s not really my fault.

Okay, yes, it is.

I shuffle around as quietly as possible, gripping the sheet in my fist as I turn slightly to check if I’m alone or not. Before I can look, I feel the cool fabric rub against my bare nipple. Glancing down, I see I’m completely naked and groan inwardly to myself. Searching the floor, I don’t see any of my clothes. Fuck me.

My heart is racing so hard; I’m sure if Drew is next to me, he can feel the vibrations against the bed. If last night wasn’t a dream, and I’m naked in his bed, and he’s next to me…stop panicking, I tell myself. Maybe it’s not even Drew. Maybe I brought another guy home, and I was too drunk to realize we went into the wrong room. That has to be it. Drew’s probably asleep on the couch right now waiting to curse me out for all the damage I’ve done.

Feeling a bit calmer, I decide it’s now or never. I need to take a good look at the strange guy next to me and kick him out before he thinks we’re a couple now or something. I don’t typically do one-night stands; hell, I’ve barely done relationships since my ex-boyfriend, Toby, broke up with me over two years ago. The last thing I’m looking for is someone to have casual sex with, well unless…

No. I can’t go there.

Pulling the sheet up over my chest, I turn over as slowly as possible to avoid any movement on the bed and prepare for what I’m about to see.

Or rather, who I’m about to see.

Blinking, needing to clear my vision once again just to make sure I’m seeing him correctly, I nearly gasp aloud. There’s no fucking way. This has to be one of those dreams within a dream type things because holy fuck!

I’m in Drew Fisher’s bed with Drew Fisher.

How the hell did that happen?



Six months before the wedding…

Don’t ask me how I got here. Most days I wonder the same thing, but if there’s one thing I know for sure, I wouldn’t change my decision to become a police officer for anything—even when a prostitute is currently sleeping off the alcohol in the back of my patrol car, drooling all over herself and the seat.

“Another day, another pro,” my partner, Logan Knight, mutters from the passenger seat. He shakes his head as the girl slurs something in her sleep. Working on the Sacramento PD the last several years has its ups and downs. I wouldn’t necessarily consider this situation a pleasant one, but there’ve been worse ones.

“At least this one hasn’t tried making out with your ear,” I say, laughing as I think about the last time we brought one in.

“The night’s still young,” he mutters, annoyed.

Logan is a bit uptight. He’s former military and holds a no bullshit stance ninety-nine percent of the time. It makes for an awesome partner, though. I know he has my back no matter what, which helps ease the tension when things get intense.

“So, what’s your plan for the long weekend?” I ask. Our rotation ends tonight, and then we’re off for three days.

“Driving up to see Skylar and probably staying up there so we can go do some stuff together.” His expression doesn’t change, and I can’t tell whether he’s excited to go there or not. I know things with his ex aren’t the best, so I assume he has mixed emotions.

“How is Skylar, by the way?”

“Great. We FaceTimed last night, actually.”

The conversation is over before we drive into the parking lot of the station. The girl is still passed out in the backseat, and once we park, we team up and carry her out.

“Hey, Mr. Grabby Hands!” she yells. “This isn’t a free ride, ya know?”

We each hold an arm as she stumbles to walk. “Send my bill to the district attorney,” Logan tells her, and I hold in a laugh.

“I’m serious,” she says. “Touching is extra.”

“Extra what? STDs?” Logan spits back, having zero tolerance.

“Oh, honey…” she purrs.

“All right, that’s enough chitchat.” I tighten my grip as we walk through the doors. “Save it for the judge.”

Once my shift is over, I pat Logan on the back and tell him to have a good time this weekend. He’s a good guy to have around, but he’s very jaded. He’s been through shit I couldn’t even fathom.

Once I’m packed up, I wave to a few other guys and head out to my truck. I check my voicemail and see Mia has left me three messages already. She lives a couple of hours away, so the only chance to see each other is on my days off.

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