“He’s not a fusser,” I say in a soft voice, rubbing my finger along his smooth cheeks. “He’s just the cutest baby ever.”

“I thought you said baby talk annoyed you?” I hear Drew say as he walks up to my side. I might’ve said that a time or two…

“Only when it’s not being said around a baby,” I clarify. Mia’s nasally voice comes to my mind, and I have to shake my head to rid of it. “It’s cute and totally appropriate when there’s a wittle baby,” I coo at James who isn’t the least bit amused. Or awake.

I glance up, and Drew is staring at me with both of his brows raised.

“What?” I ask. “Like you’ve never spoken that way to Ginny.” I roll my eyes at his attempt to pick at me.

Drew is the biggest sucker when it comes to Ginny, whether he wants to admit it or not. Ginny has her Uncle Drew wrapped around her little fingers.

“Not the same,” he proclaims and glances down to James.

Kayla walks up with a beaming smile and glowing eyes.

“What’s wrong with you?” I ask with a knowing smile.

“We’re at a wedding. Am I not supposed to be happy?” she asks, defensively.

“Exactly,” Drew interrupts.

“All right, if you two say so, but I know happy, and I know happy-happy. Something’s up.”

“You make no sense,” Kayla says, directing her attention toward Logan as he walks across the lot to his car.

Mm Hm. I knew it.



Once pictures at the church are finally over, my face feels numb. They wanted the traditional church photos and then outside in the garden photos. Wedding party pictures, couple pictures, family pictures, best man pictures, groom’s party photos. I thought it’d never end.

Our parents take Ginny and James as the rest of us all climb onto the party bus. Champagne and beer are passed around as we’re driven to the reception hall. Travis and Viola are laughing and smiling, taking selfies, and kissing every five seconds. It still feels surreal, but I couldn’t be happier for them. I just wish I wasn’t hung up on someone who clearly isn’t the one for me.

“Come on, roomie,” Courtney grabs my attention and places a beer in my hand. “Weddings are for free alcohol and bad decisions!” She clinks her glass against mine, and I gladly take a drink.

“How many have you had already?” I ask into her ear.

“Hm…” She pinches her lips together, pretending to count. “What’s after seven?”

“Courtney!” I scold, knowing damn well she can hold her liquor but she needs to slow it down or at least wait until she’s eaten something.

“Relax, Deputy!” She giggles. “I was teasing. It’s only my second.”

I release a breath and give her a pointed look.

“I’m over twenty-one, officer, I swear!” She puts her hands up in a mock surrender stance and chews on her bottom lip as she fails at holding in her laughter.

“Funny, Court. Very original.” I grab the champagne glass out of her hand and before she can reach for it, drink it down. “Problem solved.”

“That was rude,” she huffs. “Now how will I find Mr. Right?”

“What?” Her question takes me off-guard. “Who are you talking about?”

She shakes her head as she grabs another glass full. “No one. I was joking.” She sips it down, and I’m left wondering what she meant by that.

There’s no way she can know about that dream. I hadn’t told anyone, and unless she’s suddenly mastered the talent of reading minds, she can’t know. There’s no fucking way.

I pinch the bridge of my nose, willing myself to clear the visions of her from my mind. It would only lead to a huge disaster. I mean, not the act itself, but the aftermath. I should know better than to think of my roommate and one of my best friends like that.

“Come on,” Courtney shouts, grabbing my hand and linking her fingers. “First stop!”

She forces me up, and once we walk off the bus, I understand what she means. We’re barhopping before heading to the venue, and as much as I try to get into it, I can’t stop the thoughts of her from running through my mind.

Once we’re inside, everyone rushes to the bar to order, so I escape and find a bathroom instead. I wash my face and hands, hoping the cold water will shock my brain enough to get my shit together.

“Hey, there you are,” Travis says as he walks in. “You doing okay?” He hands me a towel.

I wipe my face and hands dry. “Yeah, just overwhelmed a bit, I think. Lots going on.”

“Tell me about it. I can barely wrap my head around everything that’s going on at once, but I’m glad you were standing up there with me.” He flashes a smile, and I can feel the happiness radiating off his cheeks.

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