She nods, giving me all the permission I need.

“Good, I wasn’t feeling very nice anyway.” I wrap both arms around her, fist the bottom of the material in both hands and pull as fast as I can. It finally rips apart, and as it falls off her body, her breasts are completely exposed. I inhale sharply, unable to control myself any longer. She’s fucking beautiful.

“A good cop gone bad?” she asks, my palm wrapping around her and squeezing her taut nipple. My tongue traces along her bottom lip, and I’m dying to taste her breasts next.

“Bad cop?” I ask, amused by her tone. “You want to role-play, huh?”

She moans, her head falling back as I make my way down her chest. She leans back on the counter, giving me exactly what I want. Her body is pure perfection, and I can’t stop touching every part of her.

“Handcuff me and find out, Deputy.” Her breathy tone comes out as a plea, and I know she’s begging for it.

“What did I say about calling me that?”

“The consequences are worth it,” she says matter-of-factly.

“If I get my handcuffs out, it’s to benefit me, sweetheart. You don’t get to be the boss this time,” I warn, knowing she’ll want to argue.

“We’ll see about that.” Her head falls back, and I inhale deeply.

“You smell like blueberries and buttercream,” I say, pulling the bottom of her ear in between my teeth.

She chuckles and leans back even farther. “Is that your version of dirty talk, Officer Fisher?”

I smile in response. “You always smell like something I want to eat.”

Laughing, she reaches for my slacks and begins unbuttoning them. “Duly noted.”

The alcohol rushes through my veins and the throbbing in my pants is more evident than ever before, especially with her body so close to mine. Once she successfully undoes my top button, I pull her off the counter and watch as the rest of her dress finally falls to the ground. I remove the piece of lace she calls her underwear and slide it down her legs. She keeps both eyes on me, intently staring as I unzip my slacks and push them down.

My heart is pounding against my chest, and I wonder if she’s thinking the same thing I am. Her hands and mouth are back on me before I can even think twice about it. I begin leading us out of the kitchen and down the hallway to my room. We stumble along the way, but eventually make it to the bed.

Collapsing on top of the mattress with her underneath me, it takes me a moment to really wrap my brain around the fact that Courtney, my best friend and roommate, is naked and in my bed. I feel like an adolescent again—nervous and overwhelmed. She’s absolutely beautiful as her hair sprawls over my pillows and her body shivers on contact. My tongue traces down her neck and as she releases another moan; I don’t know how much longer I can wait to feel inside her. She’s awakening something inside me I hadn’t realized was missing.

Screw the what ifs and overthinking my feelings for her. I want her.

“So, handcuffs, huh?” I ask, grinning as I twirl my tongue around her nipple and feeling her shiver against me. “Is that what you’d like?”

“Unless you’d be willing to give me a plea deal?” she teases in a seductive tone, and I swear to God her voice will be my ruin.

I kiss back up her neck and part her legs with my knee. “You give me what I want, and I’ll see what I can do for you, Ms. Bishop,” I tell her in a deep tone. “However, things don’t look so good for you.”

“No?” She willingly parts her legs for me and arches her hips up to greet mine. “Perhaps we can work something else out then…”

“I think you might be onto something…” I smile, bringing our mouths together and giving into desires I hadn’t even realized were there.

Her hands explore my chest and back, moving everywhere and touching anywhere. The way she acts as if she can’t touch enough of me drives me insane. I’m tempted to grab my spare cuffs in my desk drawer and do exactly as she asks, but I can barely find the willpower to break away from her.

I lean back just enough to pull my boxer shorts down. We scramble together to move the covers out of the way, and before I can process anything, she climbs on top of me and holds both of my hands above my head.

“Well, Deputy, looks like you’re not as quick as you think.” Her smile is wide as she gloats. I love the way she thinks she’s won the game.

I break away from her grip and grab ahold of her hips. “I’m not so sure, sweetheart. You might’ve made the rules, but you aren’t going to win this one.”

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