I nod and give her a big hug. “Yes! Girl Power!” I say and begin to laugh because I’ve had so much to drink that the silly ridiculous side has come out to play.

“I’m going to get more drinks. I’ll be right back,” Kayla says.

“I’m going to dance!” I say to her, pointing to the dance floor as soon as I hear Love Me Down by Britney Spears come on. When my feet hit the dance floor, men flock around me, and I quickly become the center of attention. I ignore them and shake my ass, hoping to get lost in the music. It’s one thing that’s never changed, my love for music and dancing.

After a few songs play, Kayla returns without our drinks and begins dancing and smiling big and pointing behind her. That’s when I notice she has Logan’s hand in hers and she’s pulling him behind her. I laugh because I can’t even get mad about it. But I’m really confused he’s here until I feel strong hands grab my hips and pull me back.

“Court,” Drew’s warm breath crawls across the soft skin on my neck and my lips slightly part. It takes everything I have not to lean back into his touch. I’m grateful my back is against his chest and he can’t see my face because I’m completely shocked and it shows. I genuinely thought he was with Mia, but he’s not, he’s here, with me.

I move my ass against him, and he tightly grabs ahold of my hips. I allow the alcohol to take control and forget about what I saw tonight. Once the song ends, a slow one comes on. I’m so confused by him being here that I barely recognize the song, but I can feel the mood of the room change. Couples walk onto the dance floor, and I don’t have the courage to look him in the eyes, so I try to walk away, but Drew grabs my hand and pulls me to his chest. For the first time in days, we’re face-to-face. My eyes flutter closed because I can’t look at him as he tucks loose strands of hair behind my ear. He’s done this a million times before, but now, it feels different.

“Just one dance,” he says, and memories of our night together flood in and I try to push them away, but it’s impossible.

“Dancing is what got us into this predicament in the first place,” I say under my breath. Drew pulls me even closer as we slowly move our bodies in sync to the music. He smells so damn good, like fresh soap and aftershave. I swallow hard, pushing my feelings aside.

It’s okay. He doesn’t remember a thing; at least, that’s what I keep telling myself over and over.

“What predicament?” He gives me a little side grin before he spins me around and pulls me back to his body. The closeness is making me nervous, and I don’t know what to say, but the liquid courage takes control, and my truths all spills out.

“The one where you handcuffed me to your bed and then forgot about it,” I blurt out. As soon as the words leave my mouth, I go into internal freak-out mode because Kayla and I had gone over the scenario time and time again over the last few days. I knew exactly what I was going to say and here I am spilling my guts in the middle of a crowded place, talking about something so personal like it meant nothing. Heat rushes to my cheeks, and I smile to cover up my nervousness.

Drew stills for just a second then relaxes and interlocks his fingers with mine. I’m taken aback, struggling to breathe, because it’s all so unexpected. His chest is rising and falling, and we stop moving, but neither of us breaks the closeness. As I stand there staring into his eyes in the middle of the dance floor, my heart flutters and I swear he feels it too. Flashes of light slowly sweep across his face, and in that moment, we’re lost together in a stream of unspoken words. Not being able to continue staring because I’m flustered as hell, I look down at the floor.

Drew grabs my chin between his fingers and removes the inches between us. His mouth is so close to mine that if I moved forward just a tad, they’d touch, and I’m not sure I’d be able to stop. Being here with him like this is reckless, especially in my current state. My heart is racing so fast, that it matches the beat of the dance remix that starts playing.

Drew leans in, the softness of his lips outlines the shell of my ear. “Court,” he says lowly, “that’s not a predicament I’d ever forget. But let’s not talk about it when you’ve been drinking.”

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