“Are you family?” She looks at the both of us expressionless.

“Well, he is,” I say, interrupting. “He’s her brother. I’m her best friend. So, basically family. Please, where is she?”

“Just a moment, please.” She picks up her phone and dials.

Ugh, we don’t have time for this.

Drew brushes a hand through his hair—frustration and annoyance evident on his face. I glance at the nurse who’s not paying attention to us and down the empty hallway. Drew notices and furrows his brows at me, curious as to what I’m up to.

Deciding I can’t wait any longer, I grab Drew’s hand and pull him down the hall with me.

“What are you doing?” he whispers as we shuffle down the hall before the nurse can stop us. “You’re going to get us in trouble.”

“By who?” I ask. “The cops?” At least if I did get arrested, there’d be handcuffs involved.

Grinning, he rolls his eyes at me and the both of us go searching for Viola. We round the hall and both start speed walking as soon as we see Travis. He has a plastic cup of ice in one hand and his cell in the other.

“Finally,” he groans, shoving his phone back into his pocket. “Viola’s been asking about you guys.”

“Don’t look at me,” I say, suddenly realizing Drew and I are still holding hands. I release his hand and miss his warmth immediately. “Nurse Stuck-up gave us a hard time.”

Forty-two minutes later, Viola delivers a baby boy. James Travis King. Chunky thighs, dimpled cheeks, and dark hair. This kid is already stealing hearts, especially mine.

Travis and Viola have a long history together—since before middle school. I’ve heard the story over and over since Viola and I first became friends back in freshman year of college, but it’s one of those stories romance novels are made from.

Ginny is their feisty one-year-old and the coolest kid I’ve ever met. Her name was inspired by Viola’s obsession with Harry Potter, as is the name James, but I’m going to make sure they grow up knowing more than just spells and Hogwarts. As their auntie, I’ll make sure they’re corrupt in all the right ways.

“He’s so cute, Lola,” I gush, using the nickname I’ve called her since we first met. “I think he looks a lot like Travis.”

“Nah, he’s got some good Fisher features,” Drew says, hovering over me as I hold James in my arms.

Viola smiles and nods.

“When is your mother-in-law bringing Ginny up here?”

“Probably not until after her morning nap. We called her in the middle of the night, so his mom probably needs the nap more than Ginny does.”

“Well, you should get some rest, too,” I tell her.

“I will.” She smiles sincerely, and I can tell she’s just over the moon in love with her new baby. “Three months ‘til the wedding,” she reminds me.

“Don’t worry, Lola. You’re going to be the most gorgeous bride ever.”

She frowns. “Well, just in case, start looking around for the best Spanx on the market. Three months to lose this baby weight will probably be the death of me.”

“Spanx to flatten the stomach and a corset to lift and separate the girls. I’m on it.”



Two weeks before the wedding…

Mia Montgomery is the only woman I’ve ever truly loved.

I know our relationship hasn’t been perfect over the last few years, but working for it makes the good times that much sweeter. Today is one of those days I look forward to.

Travis swears I’m whipped. He even has a bet on the table that if I sleep with someone else, I’ll realize that Mia’s pussy isn’t made of gold. Although he knows I have no desire to be with anyone else, he’s still holding out hope. The only person I want is on her way over, and I plan to make every minute we have together count.

Sitting on the couch, mindlessly flipping through the channels, I hear the low growl of Courtney’s Jeep pull in the driveway. I let out a deep breath, rubbing my sweaty palms against my jeans. If only she would’ve stayed away a little longer. It’s her house too, but she and Mia have never gotten along since the drama she caused with Viola and Travis a couple of years ago. She’s Viola’s best friend, and though we’ve become close over the last few years, there’s nothing between us other than our friendship and being roommates. I’ve got her back, and she’s got mine. I know she’s there for me no matter what.

Mia admitted to being intimidated by her looks, and while Courtney is obviously pretty, I have to constantly remind Mia that Court is one of the guys. She chugs beer like it’s going out of style, calls football plays before the referee, punches like a guy, and has no filter. Also, she can appreciate a nice ass and isn’t afraid to say so. She’s basically replaced Travis since he’s no longer living the bachelor life. Regardless, Mia doesn’t see it that way and is too stubborn to let it go. The fact that I won’t and don’t have anything negative to say about Courtney pisses her off, but I refuse to play into her games and ego strokes.

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