“These were your rules, Deputy. If you want to play, I’m all in,” I say with a wide smile, then remove the rest of my clothing until I’m only in my panties and bra.

“You saying I’ll be the first to crack?” He raises both of his eyebrows and watches me gaze down his chest and abs.

“I’ve abstained from sex for months. I have some pretty strong willpower. Not to mention, I’ve lived in the same house as you for years and held back on jumping your bones every time you walked around in only a towel.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.” He smiles.

“You could’ve covered up once in a damn while. Or actually, no, I’m glad you didn’t.” I laugh. “I still have more willpower than you.”

“Is that so? I’ve seen you devour a six-pack of donuts in less than two minutes.”

I burst out laughing. I push him onto his back and straddle him, feeling him hard underneath me. I really should’ve thought this through.

I lean over until my lips almost touch his. His hands grip the outside of my thighs, holding me tightly. “That’s not the only thing my mouth can devour in two minutes.”

He flips us over so fast, I scream as he towers over me and pins me down to the bed.

“Damn you and that mouth of yours.”

I suck in my lower lip and try to hold back my laughter. “It’s known for getting me in trouble.”

He presses his lips to mine and wraps his arms around me, lowering down my back and underneath my panties. He releases a moan as he squeezes my ass cheeks, and I arch my hips to press against him. Feeling his cock rub against me drives me insane.

Pushing his hips against mine, he makes sure I know just how aroused he is right now. Our tongues and hands go wild, desperate to feel the other, both fighting our self-control.

Grinding our bodies together, his cock presses against the fabric of my panties and the way my body shivers in response makes it impossible to back away.

“You have to tell me to stop,” he murmurs against my lips. “I want to fuck you so bad, Courtney.” Good God…yes!

“I’m not saying no,” I remind him.

“You have to.” His mouth moves down my jaw, and he sucks on my neck. “You feel too good.”

I lower my hand down his body, feeling the hard edges of his stomach and slide my hand into his boxer shorts. He’s so hard and thick; I can feel the veins bulging against my fingertips.

“You aren’t exactly persuading me when you’re carrying around a weapon this size in your pants.”

I feel him smile against my neck as he moves his lips to my ear. “I knew it.”

His words confuse me. “Knew what?”

“Your willpower sucks.” He chuckles. “You lose, sweetheart.”

He’s still hard and throbbing in my palm. If this is how he wants to play, I’m game.

“I don’t think so, Deputy.” I look up into his lust-filled eyes. I stroke his cock in my hand, feeling it pulsate faster as I move my hand up and down his shaft. “You come, you lose.”

“No fucking way.” His eyes roll as his head falls back. “There’s no man on this earth that wouldn’t come with you touching it like that.”

I move my hand faster, increasing the pressure on the tip.

“Fuck, Courtney. You have to stop,” he growls, arching his hips. “Fuck it.” He grabs my hips and slips his hand inside my panties, finding my clit within seconds. “You come before me, you lose.”

“Or we could find a way for the both of us to win?” I suggest, hopeful. His mouth covers mine in a heated battle of who’s going to crack first.

The alarm on my phone goes off, making both of us jump. “Dammit,” I mutter, reaching to turn it off. It slips off the nightstand and continues its loud assault on the floor.

I roll over and reach for it, my body falling off the bed just as Drew grabs my thighs and catches me. “That was close,” he says, attempting to pull me back.

“Damn phone fell under the bed.” I pat my hand on the floor, trying to reach underneath. I finally grab it and hit the snooze button. “Got it.”

He doesn’t help me up, rather he pushes my legs apart and begins kissing up my thigh. My hand releases the phone as his kisses make their way up to my panty line.

“What are you doing?” I whimper, my eyes fluttering closed as I try to regain my balance.

“Just marking you with my mouth,” he says, sliding a finger inside my panties and rubbing along my slit. “You always wake up this wet in the morning?” I hear the amusement in his voice.

“This isn’t playing fair,” I moan, pressing my hips down on his hand. “You can’t touch me if I can’t touch you.”

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