“You’re so bad!” I say loudly enough for her to hear as she walks away and her laughter echoes down the hallway. My body is begging me to go to her, but my head is saying no. It’s hard enough to keep my hands off her, and just the thought of her wet little body makes me hard. As the water comes on, I know there’s no use fighting the urge. I stand up, walk to the bathroom and open the door. She instantly laughs. Steam from the shower rises to the ceiling, and the bathroom mirror is already fogged.

I slide my jogging pants down my body and step out of them. Courtney peeks around the side of the shower curtain then glances down at my hardness.

“You’re fully loaded, Deputy.” She smirks; her wet, blonde hair is slicked back. I take a few steps forward, peel the curtain back, and step inside. The hot water cascades down my back, and I can’t take my eyes from her.

“Damn, you’re so beautiful,” I praise. Her blue eyes meet mine and I’m lost in her gaze for a moment. “And I’ve never been so fucking jealous of a bar of soap in my life.” Soap suds spill across her breasts and I realize now that I’m in the shower with her, my willpower is dwindling.

“Oops,” she says, dropping the soap on purpose and bends over, ass toward me, taking her time picking it up, teasing me to the extreme.

“Goddammit,” I whisper, and she knows she’s getting to me when she looks over her shoulder at me and pulls her lip into her mouth. Once she stands, I grab the soap from her and rub it between my hands then begin to wash her back. I massage her shoulders, wash down the length of her back, and she lets out a small moan.

“Your hands… They feel so fucking good,” she says, turning to face me. She takes a step forward, walking completely over the invisible line I’ve drawn and glances down at me. Confidently, she grips her hand around my shaft and slides up and down. The sensation of her touching me is almost too much to handle. She’s so fucking erotic and sexy, and I love how confident she is in her own skin.

“You can tell me to stop,” she whispers, her eyes trailing up my body until they meet mine. Those are the same eyes that have looked at me over the years, and the message has always been the same. I want you. Only this time, I recognize that look and welcome it because I’m looking at her the same way. Without words, she begs to please me. I should tell her to stop, that we shouldn’t, but the words don’t come. It feels too right to be wrong, and I find myself questioning everything about us. Courtney is my best friend, my roommate, my partner in crime, and now she’s mine. I don’t know how this happened or how we got here, but I don’t want this to end.

Courtney starts slow, using the water of the shower to her advantage, as she slides her hand up and down my cock. I let out a moan, and she increases her speed, rolling her thumb across the head. My breathing increases, and it’s all the permission she needs to continue. She cups my balls in her other hand and continues to stroke me until I’m close. Before I can even say a word, Courtney drops to her knees and places me in her mouth.

“Court …”

She pulls me from her mouth and licks the tip, driving me fucking crazy. “What’s that, Deputy? You want me to stop?” she purrs, knowing the answer to that question. I grab a fist of her hair and gently tug it where I can look into her baby blues.

“I want you so fucking bad,” I growl. “Christ.”

“Mm.” She cups my balls in her palm and doesn’t hesitate to place me back in her warm mouth.

I’m teetering on the edge, and she knows because my entire body tenses. She runs her hands up my thighs, and that’s when I lose it. Courtney takes me deep in her mouth. Her eyes flutter closed, and she moans against me, swallowing me down.

Once she stands, I pull her into my arms. I’ve never experienced anything like that with anyone. Emotions soar through me, and they are almost too much to comprehend. Wrapping her arms around me, I hold her until the water goes warm.

“God, Court…where have you been all of my life?”

She pulls back and looks up at me. I run my fingers through her wet hair and rest my palm against her cheek. Moving in closer, she speaks against my lips before I can kiss her. “I’ve been waiting for you.”


Is it bad that I’m falling hard for Drew? I know we’re supposed to be taking this slow, but I want to be with him every free minute I have. I’ve always loved hanging out with him, but having no boundaries, being able to touch him and say whatever I want whenever I want feels like a dream. For years, I’ve imagined what it would be like to be with him on a more emotional level, so each day that I am, I wait to wake up from this dr eam, but fortunately, I don’t.

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