“I’m up for the challenge.” Drew’s voice is deep and throaty.

“I don’t think you are,” I say, forgetting Travis and Viola are in the backseat, until I hear Travis chuckle again.

“Almost reminds me of us.” Travis looks at Viola.

“Yeah, but I’d be punching you in the balls for doing that to me.”

“Who says I’m not going to punch him in the balls?” I ask with a laugh.

Viola gives me a high five as Drew grabs himself. “Ladies, please leave my balls out of this.”

“You deserve it.” Viola laughs at him.

“She’s still pissed she was sorted into Hufflepuff,” Travis says and Viola slaps his hand that’s resting on her knee.

“You’re an asshole. You know for a fact I was Gryffindor. You Slytherin!”

“I knew it!” I let out a loud laugh, and we pull up to the house giggling like teenagers.

“I’m going to Slytherin you…”

“You’re relentless,” Viola mutters, then gives him a kiss.

We all get out of the truck and help them unload everything. Drew and Viola’s mom and stepdad agreed to watch the kids for the week, and I’m sure they were left with a list ten pages long. I grab a suitcase, and so does Drew, and we walk inside trailing behind Travis and Viola. As soon as their mom sees all of us she squeals with James in her arms. Viola grabs him and gives him sweet kisses and tells him how much she loves and missed him. Ginny runs up to her, and I take the opportunity to steal James from her arms. She huffs, and I tell her not to be stingy. She rolls her eyes at me and lets me continue.

“There’s my little heartbreaker,” I say, and he coos at me then wraps my hair in his fist.

“I’ve missed you so much. Almost as much as Mommy,” I tell him, pulling my hair from his superhero-tight grasp. I kiss his cheek again, and he smiles.

Viola and Travis are talking about the trip, and I watch as Ginny twists out of Viola’s arms and reaches for Travis. He gives her a big hug and tells her how pretty she is. Going into supermom mode, Viola rubs dirt off her face without breaking a sentence. They are such a beautiful family, and I hope one day I have the same.

Drew leans against the doorway, studying me with James. His eyes soften as he walks over to us. “Stealing my woman, are you?”

Drew is so gentle when he smooths his hand over James’ head, but I can’t help thinking about him calling me his woman.

“James loves Aunt Courty, huh. Love, love, love. Tell Uncle Drew I’m yours.” He leans his head against my chest, and my heart melts.

James says gibberish over my shoulder to Drew, which causes him to burst out laughing.

“I think he just told me off in baby talk.”

Viola can’t stand it another minute and takes James from my arms. “Oh, my gosh. I think he just pooped.”

“I have that effect on men,” I say. “Look, your brother just pooped his pants too.”

Drew pulls me into his arms and squeezes me tight as he laughs. “You’re going to pay for that.”

“I’ll gladly volunteer as tribute,” I say, not realizing anyone else can hear us.

Viola stops talking to her mom and turns around. “Hunger Games, Court? Really? Not in my Harry Potter household.”

“When it comes to your brother, I’ll always volunteer first.” I give her a wink.

“Yep. Just threw up in my mouth.” But Viola is smiling when she says it, and I know she’s joking.

Larry and Carla walk over and give Drew a big hug.

“So, how are you two?” his mom perks up with excitement. She’s always loved me since the first day she met me. Drew’s arm is wrapped around my shoulder, and he doesn’t hesitate or move his arm from me.

“Still roommates.”

She gives him a head nod, not believing a word he’s saying. But honestly, it’s complicated to explain because we’re on a trial run. It would be hard to tell anyone what we are exactly because we’re not anything, we’re taking it slow.

“Okay kids, we’re going to head home. We’re already packed and ready to go. Want to give the newlyweds some alone time,” Carla says with a smile.

“I’m sure they’ve had enough of that,” Drew chimes in after he gives his mom a hug and Larry a handshake before they leave.

“Never,” Travis yells from the kitchen.

I give Viola another big hug. “Want to come over Thursday and help me bake all these effing muffins?”

I turn around and give Drew a glare from hell.

“You might want to call Kayla to help too.” Viola glares at Drew as well.

“The both of you together are scary as hell. Seriously.”

“I love you,” I tell her and she tells me back. “Bye, Travis!” I yell to him.

“Bye, Court! Bye, Drew! Protect your balls!”

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