We walk to the truck and Drew walks over to my side. Before he opens my door, he pins me up against it. The cool metal against my back makes me shiver. Grabbing my hands, he moves them over my head until I’m pinned between his strong body and the truck. But I’m not complaining one bit.

“Oh my God,” I whisper before his lips crash into mine. I’m flooded with emotions as his tongue swirls with mine. Our mouths separate and I feel lost without them, as if they are my compass. Trailing kisses up my neck, he reaches my ear and sucks and licks the shell. He has no idea how much I love that until a moan escapes my lips.

“I’m up for the challenge, are you?” he whispers, letting go of my hands and I’m instantly reminded of the five hundred muffins Drew volunteered me to make for Saturday.

“Well, you do owe me big time.”

“I know,” he kisses me again, and I don’t ever want him to stop.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, I pull his mouth close to mine.

“Good. Challenge accepted.”



I hate that I have to go back to work already. It was nice having a few days off and getting to be with Courtney as much as possible, but it still doesn’t seem real.

By the time we return from taking Viola and Travis home, I have to get ready to leave. Courtney pouts and it’s so damn cute.

“Can’t I come with you? I’ll sit in the back quietly,” she pleads, wrapping her arms around me. “I’ll keep all the criminals in check.”

“I have no doubt you would.” I kiss her forehead. “I’ll come in and tuck you in when I get home.”

“You better stay and sleep with me.” She tightens her grip.

“I will. It’ll be the only time I can lay with you without getting groped,” I tease.

“Don’t get used to it.” She smirks.

I kiss her goodbye and head out, feeling something I’ve never felt before. I can’t stop thinking about her, wanting her, missing her. I’m completely obsessed.

“So, since I hadn’t heard from you, I’m guessing Thursday night went well?” Logan asks as soon as we get into the patrol car. I’d forgotten all about texting him.

“You could say that,” I say with a shit-eating grin, adjusting the seat.

“So, without sounding like a chick, are you going to tell me what happened?”

I laugh at him. “Well, basically, we’re together and seeing how it goes.”

“Seeing how it goes?”

“Yeah, we have a history. Neither of us wants to jeopardize our friendship, but the feelings are mutual, so we’re taking it slow.”

“Good for you, man. I always thought she looked at you differently.”

I nod. “I was an idiot.”

“At least it’s worked out now, though, right?”

“Yeah. I’m pretty happy about it.” I smile. “So, you going to tell me how you and Kayla conned me in the first place?”

“Figured that out, did you?” He laughs. “It was her idea.”

“So, what’s going on with that? You guys a thing yet?”

He shakes his head. “No. That wouldn’t be fair to her.”

“Why don’t you let her make that decision?”

“Several failed relationships allow me to make that decision now.”

He doesn’t offer anything else, and I don’t push for more. I know he’s a private person, especially when it comes to Skylar, but I wish he’d open his heart and let Kayla in.

Once Logan and I drive patrol for a few hours, we break and stop for food. I grab my phone and smile when I see Courtney’s name.

C: I’m lying in your bed naked right now. Just thought you should know.

D: You’re killing me. Not fair.

C: I can smell your cologne all over the sheets. It’s driving me INSANE!

D: Maybe you should do something about that since I’m not there to do it for you.

C: I just might.

D: Why do you enjoy torturing me?

C: Because it was your idea to withhold sex from me and now you must pay for it.

I can’t stop the outburst of laughter that releases as I read her message. Logan narrows his eyes at me and shakes his head. I know, man. I’m doomed.

D: I’m starting to regret ever saying the word no to you. I bet you were a handful as a child.

C: I have four older brothers. No one dared to say no to me.

D: Should’ve figured. Spoiled rotten :)

C: Well, since you won’t do the job, I’m doing it myself.

D: Bullshit.

She sends me a picture of her vibrator. Jesus Christ.

D: I knew you had toys in there!

She stops responding before we have to leave the restaurant and get back to work. I drop Logan off at the station to work on some unfinished paperwork, so I respond to some calls on my own.

C: Park and meet me.

It takes me a minute to figure out what she’s talking about and then it hits me.

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