Rolling her eyes at me, she clanks the cuffs against the railings again. “Are you going to remove these, or are they going to be my new accessory?”

“Hm…that’s not a bad idea, actually.” I smirk. “But these are just for my viewing pleasure.”


Thursday finally arrives, and I can’t wait to see Drew after work. Although it’s the muffin baking party and four other people will be around, it’ll be like our first night with friends as a couple.

Viola and Travis are the first to arrive before I even make it home. Viola is here to help me, and Travis is here to watch Thursday Night Football with Drew.

Once I walk in, Drew has me up against the wall with his lips pressed to mine before I can even speak.

“Is this what you’ve had to suffer through when Travis and I got together?” I hear Viola ask in the background as Drew smiles against my lips.

“Do I need to remind you of the things I almost walked in on when the two of you were sneaking behind my back?” Drew looks over his shoulder and asks.

“You can’t even be mad about that anymore.” She sticks her tongue out.

He shrugs and looks back at me. “I’ve missed you.” He tilts my chin up and places a soft kiss on my lips. “Let’s kick them all out and climb back into bed.”

I groan, loving that idea. “We could if someone hadn’t volunteered me to bake a million muffins before Saturday.”

“I promised I’d make it up to you,” he reminds me. “Plus, just think of how good you’ll smell,” he says with a boyish grin.

I roll my eyes and laugh. “All right, I need to change and get started.”

He finally releases me, and that’s when I notice Ginny and James are both here.

“Ahh…it’s my babies!” I swoop Ginny up in a massive bear hug. “Are you ready to bake some muffins?”

She smiles and chews on her finger. “Aunt Court will have to find you a little apron one of these days, so you don’t get your clothes dirty.”

Setting her back on her feet, I find Travis sitting on the couch with James and grab for him. “Don’t feel too sad, James. You can bake with us when you’re a little older.” I wiggle my nose against his.

“Don’t you dare. He’s here to watch football with the boys,” Travis informs me.

“He can learn to bake, too,” I defend. “Don’t you want your boy to be able to know how to take care of himself and be able to bake muffins for his kid’s bake sales?”

“No, that’s why he has a sister.” He chuckles, and I slap him on the back of the head.

“Kidding, geez!” He covers his arms over his head.

I hand James off to Viola who’s standing next to me with Ginny at her side. “Your husband is rude.”

“Well, I didn’t hate him for most of my childhood for nothing.” She laughs.

“What was that, Courtney? You want to work overtime next week? And Saturday?” He tilts his head and eyes me over his shoulder.

I narrow my eyes at him and scowl. “I hope Viola punches you where the sun doesn’t shine when you get back home.”

“I don’t know how anyone works with you two at the office bickering all day,” Viola says, laying James over her chest.

“I wear earplugs and just smile when she talks.” Travis snickers.

I roll my eyes at him and tell Viola to follow me back to my room.

“Thank you again for coming to help me. It’s kind of nice having you guys here and knowing I can be around Drew at the same time. Feels like we’re a real couple now.”

“Because Travis and I are here?”

“No, because we get to be together around other people. Like when couples host dinner parties and whatever,” I explain, digging around my closet for something to change into.

“Well, I honestly couldn’t be happier for you two. I really thought you’d be in the friend-zone for life.” She laughs and so do I. “I’m glad everything worked out.”

“Me too.” I smile, pulling a shirt off the hanger.

“Oh my God,” Viola squeals, grabbing my attention. “There’s my Book Beau that I thought I lost.”

“No, I think you left it here a long time ago.”

“Awesome, I’ve been needing that.” She grabs it off my dresser and kisses it. “Wait, what’s in here?”

My eyes pop open as I remember I had borrowed it for something else.

“Sweet Jesus,” she says while laughing. “Is this your—” She pulls it out with just the tips of her fingers.

“Whoops, sorry.” I grab the vibrator from her hand and casually throw it on my bed. “Forgot I was using it as my vibe holder.”

“Ew, Court. Seriously!” She makes a disgusted face.

“What? It has nice padding, and it’s discrete. It even has a cute pattern on it.”

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