My heart races, and I need to get away. All my insecurities come rushing back, and I feel so fucking stupid. I know they have a history together and it always seems to be in the back of my mind anytime I think about Drew and me really being together. I can’t help the thoughts that surface about how he was in love with her and can he just be over her like that?

Drew’s told me several times they were over and I believed him, but seeing them together makes it seem like I’ve been fed lies. Perhaps he believed them when he said them, but his actions speak different words now. I know deep in my heart that Drew is better than that, and he’d never intentionally hurt me, but regardless, I need to get away.

Before my emotions can spill over, I head back to the tent. I grab Kayla and ask her if we can leave. As soon as she sees the look on my face and she registers that I’m visibly upset, she doesn’t hesitate and nods her head. I tell her thank you and turn my phone off. I need time to get my feelings straight before I see or talk to him again. Because as roommates, there’s no avoiding him.

For several minutes, we drive in silence, and I stare out of the window trying to make sense of what I saw. Drew and Mia. What the fuck was she even doing there? I shake my head, running through every scenario, and Kayla doesn’t push me to talk until she parks in an empty parking lot.

“Are you going to tell me what happened?”

“Mia…” I can’t even finish my sentence.

Her eyes widen. “And?”

I swallow hard, making sure to articulate exactly what I saw. Kayla looks over at me with sad eyes. “I want to kick her ass.” I should’ve gone over there and kicked her skanky ass.

“Get in line,” she huffs.

“I knew I didn’t like her from the moment I met her, but when she tried to sabotage Travis and Viola’s relationship, I knew she was insane. Then after watching the way she’s treated Drew over the years…” My words fade off.

We sit in an empty parking lot for minutes, and I remember I had turned off my phone. I’m sure Drew realizes I’m gone by now. Instead of avoiding it any longer, I power on my phone and wait. I’ve got voicemails and a bunch of texts. I suck in a deep breath and open them.

D: Where did you go?

D: Hello?

D: Court, we need to talk. Call or text me back. Please.

The last text message makes my heart race. Could it be possible that Mia wants back in his life and he’s willing to drop everything we have? I mean, what do we have, exactly? Yes, we’re taking it slow, but we never talked about being exclusive. We never discussed officially being together. I watched them kiss and maybe when their lips touched he realized how much he missed her. Deep down I was hoping she’d become nothing more than a distant memory. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own two eyes.

V: Courtney, where the hell are you? All of your muffins were sold out before I could buy any!

V: Great, your phone must have died again. How many times do I have to tell you to charge it!

C: I’ll call you later and fill you in on some BS. That’s great about the muffins.

I know she’s got the kids and her phone is probably at the bottom of the diaper bag, so I don’t wait for her response.

“Kay, can you bring me home?” I ask.

“Are you sure?” She has a look of concern on her face.

I nod, and she cranks the car and heads to the other side of town. When she turns down my street, I see Drew’s truck sitting in the driveway but no Mercedes. Thank God. I breathe a little easier knowing she didn’t follow him back to the house. Kayla pulls in, and we sit there for a moment.

“Do you want me to wait for you?”

“He’s not going to be crazy and kick me out or anything. Drew’s level-headed. I just need to get my feelings and facts straight before I go busting up in there.”

She grabs my hand. “If you need me to rescue you, or bring Vodka and chocolate, you text me, okay?”

I laugh. “Deal.”

I suck in a deep breath and walk up to the house. Somehow, I find an ounce of courage and open the door. When I walk inside, Drew’s sitting on the couch, and he rushes over to me as soon as he notices me.

“Court, where’d you go? I’ve been worried that something terrible happened. Are you okay?”

It pains me to look into his eyes, and I feel like the girl with a stupid crush again.

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