“I’ll get you back,” I say.

“Mm. I’m looking forward to it.”

I roll on my side and trail my hand down his chest, stomach until I’ve got him in my hand. Leaning over further I kiss him as I slowly stroke his hard cock and he hums against my mouth. Not able to wait any longer, he moves until he’s hovering above me, both of his strong arms on either side of my head. I can’t help but admire his body he’s worked so hard for, and it’s almost hard to believe he’s mine. The tip of him teases my entrance, and I beg him with my pleading eyes to give me what I want. Instead of immediately taking me, Drew searches my face until a smile covers his.

“What?” I ask, wishing I could read his mind.

“You’re just…so fucking beautiful. I love you.”

“I love you,” I whisper as he pushes deep inside me. I feel like I’m losing my grip on reality because of the intense sensation that follows.

“I love you more,” he whispers, nibbling on the lobe of my ear.

“I loved you first,” I pull him closer to me and he lets out a low chuckle.

His words, his kisses, and the way he looks at me will never get old. Drew takes me hard and slow, and our eyes never leave one another’s.

As he picks up the pace, the bed begins to squeak, and I place my hands on his chest to stop, and his eyes go wide. We stay still, making sure we don’t hear any footsteps.

“I think we’re okay. But let’s move to the floor,” I say, knowing it’s going to be cold and hard, but I don’t care.

We throw the quilt on the floor under the window, and our bodies are lit solely by the moonlight. Goosebumps cover my body as his hands trail up my stomach and over my breast. I let out a whimper, and he roughly grabs my thighs and pulls me to him as he plunges to my end.

“Say it again,” I whisper. “I can never hear it enough.” It doesn’t take long for the orgasm to rebuild and I’m walking a fine line as he slams into me.

I don’t even have to explain myself before he speaks.

“I love you so fucking much, Courtney Bishop. I love you. Fuck. I love you,” he breathlessly says as the orgasm streams through my body. Scratching my nails hard down his back, I close my eyes, hips arched, and allow myself to get lost with him. He holds me tight and doesn’t stop fucking me until he unravels from the outside in.

“Court.” His breathing increases and his head rolls back on his shoulders, and I watch his mouth fall open as he allows the intensity of it all to overtake him.

“I can never have enough of you,” I whisper.

His eyes slowly open and he sucks in air. “Never.”

We’re both hopelessly addicted to one another, and I’m happy there’s no cure.

Hovering above me, he kisses me sweet and slow, and our emotions swirl together. We stay on the hardwood floor, and lie in each other’s arms until our breathing returns to normal.

“That’s the first time I’ve ever had sex in my parents’ house,” I admit.

“Really? I’m glad I could be the man who made you break the rules after twenty-six years.” He kisses my nose.

“You’re a bad influence, Fisher,” I say, cleaning up really quick and putting my robe back on.

“I’m pretty sure you started it this time.”

I give him an evil smile. “Maybe I did. But you surely finished it.”

“I always do, don’t I?” He pulls me into his arms and holds me before I leave because as much as I want to crawl into bed with him, it would just be a fight in the morning. I want my parents and brothers to love Drew as much as I do.

“I can’t wait to get home.” I squeeze him a little tighter.

He looks down and meets my eyes. “So then you can scream my name as loud as you want?”

I smile. “So, I can have my morning sex before starting my day.”

He runs his fingers through my hair and kisses my forehead. “Goodnight, Court. If you stand here any longer, I’m not letting you leave. I’ll hold you as a hostage.”

I let out a huff, not wanting to go. “Night. One day we’ll be able to sleep in the same bed at my parents’ house.”

His eyes meet mine, and he knows exactly what I’m referring to and doesn’t deny it, which makes me so damn happy. “One day we will.”



Six months later…

The last six months with Courtney have been amazing. For the first time in my life, I’m truly happy in a relationship. What we have is real and meaningful, and I understand love in its purest form when I’m with her. Opening my heart and fully allowing her in changed my life and I don’t ever want to go back. Being with family during the holidays had a whole new meaning with her around, and I got to kiss my girl on New Year’s. I’m in too deep, and there’s no going back now.

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