When they got back together—once again—Mia wasn’t happy to see that a girl moved in with him. Countless times, before I accepted his offer, Drew begged her to move in with him, but each time she rejected him. When she felt threatened by me, she’d bring up moving in, but the next week they’d be broken up again. It’s a psychotic cycle. Though it’s been over a year since we’ve been roommates, and she’s had plenty of time to accept it, she blatantly refuses.

Just like Viola, Drew had house rules, but even now I continue to push his boundaries on a weekly basis. I’ve never been controllable, and I think it’s hilarious Drew thinks he can tell me what to do when I’m paying half the bills.

Mia’s annoying laughter brings me back to reality, and I realize how pathetic I am. I have a crush on a man who’s given his kind heart to the devil herself.

Our food arrives, and surprisingly enough, I’m not hungry. Seeing them together makes me sick to my stomach, and I twirl spaghetti around my fork and move it on my plate while Viola reads her itinerary aloud. I almost feel like I’m back in college because she gave us handouts with a schedule of times for each day leading up the wedding. I can’t help but laugh, but she doesn’t think it’s funny. Viola’s all business, and if anyone ruins her perfectly planned-out day, God help them.

When Drew places his arm around Mia, and she leans into him, she makes sure to look at me with an evil-ass grin on her face. I set my fork down on my plate and can’t stop my nostrils from flaring. I thought I could handle being around her with Drew, but in reality, I can’t. It’s killing me inside. I’ve successfully avoided them together until their next breakup, but right now, there’s no escaping them. It’s absolute torture.

At that moment, a silent conversation is exchanged between Mia and me.

She kisses his neck then glances back at me as if she’s hoping to get some sort of reaction, like she does each time she’s around me.

Instead of making a scene, I give her a smile just as sarcastic as her own and hope she understands who she just started shit with. If she wants a war, I’m ready to fight. I’m not passive. I’m not Viola. I don’t play games. Maybe Mia Fucking Montgomery has finally met her match. I want my best friend happy, and I’ll die helping make that happen.

Game on, bitch!



The waiter comes to the table and picks up empty plates, and I take the opportunity to go to the bathroom. I open the door, and before I can close it, Courtney pushes her way in. She stands there with her hands on her hips like she’s about to rip off my head.

“What the hell?” I scold.

“What the fuck?” she fires right back.

“I have to piss. Do you mind?”

She crosses her arms. “Go for it, Drewberry Muffin.”

I shake my head at her and walk to the urinal. “Why are you being like this?”

“I should ask you the same question. You know exactly how Viola and Travis feel about Mia. You know how I feel about her, too. The only neutral people out there are your mother, your stepdad who loves her tits, and your father. Everyone else, even the children, despise her. She’s a witch, Drew.”

I zip up my pants. “Mia’s my girlfriend. You, Viola, and Travis will have to accept it just as I accepted their relationship.”

She sighs. “So, you’re officially back together again?”

I nod my head, knowing it’s not the answer she wants to hear.

“I know you can’t see past the bullshit. You can’t see how she affects everyone, even you. She’s poison,” Courtney says.

A knock rings on the door, and it slightly annoys me.

“One minute,” I shout and can hear a man’s voice mumble something.

“Are we done here?” I glare at her as I turn the faucet on and wash my hands.

She takes two steps forward until she’s inches from my face then pokes her finger hard into my chest. “You deserve better than her.” She lowers her eyes and then murmurs, “God, I wish you could see that.”

I open my mouth but then close it just as another knock pounds against the door.

Courtney shakes her head at me then opens the door and walks out. As soon as I open the door, Travis is standing in the hall, confused.

“That was unexpected,” Travis says.

“I’ll tell you later,” I walk back to the table. The rest of the time Courtney doesn’t look at me and pretends Mia doesn’t exist. No one really notices the cold shoulder, but it’s painfully obvious to me because I know her. I may know her better than Viola at this point, especially after living with her for almost two years, but I don’t remember a time when she’s completely ignored me.

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