“No, no,” I tease. “You want slow and sweet and that’s exactly what I’m going to deliver.”

“I changed my mind. Fuck me like a horny jackrabbit.”

“Oh my God, Court,” I say, dropping my head and laughing. “How do you make something so weird sound so sexy at the same time?”

She blushes then smiles proudly. “It’s a gift.”

“You have many gifts, sweetheart, but patience is definitely not one of them.” I wrap my hand around my shaft and tease her clit some more.

“Yes, we’ve already established that. Now are you going to give me what I want or am I going to have to take it?” she threatens, arching her hips up again.

I smirk at her greediness and push back deep inside her. She clings to my arms and hangs on tightly as I give her exactly what she’s asked for. “Better?” I ask with a devilish grin.

“Mm-hmm…” she whimpers, her lids squeezed tight against her cheeks. Her hands move to the headboard for support as I increase the pace.

She’s tightening around me and I know she’s close. Instead of letting her ride it out, I flip us over so she’s on top of me. “Drew!” she shrieks at the sudden movement. “I hate when you do that without a warning!” she scolds me, but I know she secretly loves it.

“I love watching you when you come, sweetheart. I couldn’t resist.” I grip her hips and thrust up inside her. “You look amazing on top. I love the way your tits bounce and how tight you feel when you finally come all over me.”

“Jesus, Drew,” she whispers, sliding her pussy down on me. “Why do you always make something so filthy sound so sexy at the same time?”

I smirk. “It’s a gift.”

She leans down and presses her lips to mine. I wrap a hand around her neck and keep her mouth on mine as I continue thrusting inside her—hard and deep. She breathes heavily as she rides out her release.

“Fuck, sweetheart,” I whisper against her swollen lips. “You make it feel too good.”

“You make me come so hard,” she confesses, her voice raspy and low, and it’s the sexiest fucking thing she’s ever said. I can’t control it any longer, especially after that, and release inside her moments later. With a loud groan and a fist twisted in her hair, I feel her pussy tighten around me again, and I’m completely done.

Her body collapses on top of my chest as we both try and steady our breathing. I stroke her hair slowly and hold her tightly against me. God, I love her.

I bring her to the side of me and hold her in my arms. She rests an arm over my chest and wraps a leg around mine. We lie like this for long moments, our bodies clinging to each other, enjoying the sanctuary of our safe place.

“I don’t want you to go back to work,” she says softly. “I hate when you work the swing shift.”

Rubbing a hand along her arm, I soothe away the goosebumps. “I know, sweetheart. I hate being away from you, too. But I do love coming home in the early morning and climbing into bed with you. You’re all snuggled under the covers and warm. It’s my favorite part of the whole day,” I admit with a smile. “But I still prefer you in my bed.”

“Your bed always smells like you and then I miss you even more,” she pouts.

I chuckle. “You should just sleep in my bed permanently and then it’d start to smell more like you, too.”

“Like hot, sweaty sex?” She arches her brow, knowing exactly where I was leading.


“Then my room would be all alone and feel neglected.”

“We could turn it into something else?” I suggest, having thought this for a while. There’s no reason we need two bedrooms anymore. “Maybe a workout room where you could practice all your yoga moves.”

She looks up at me and rolls her eyes. “You just want me prancing around in a sports bra.”

“I’d prefer you in no bra at all, but I was thinking more along the lines of how flexible and strong you’d get.” I flash her a cheeky smile and she playfully swats me on the chest.

“Always with the ulterior motives.”

“It’s like you know me so well or something.” I press a soft kiss on her nose.

“Drew Fisher, I knew you and all your quirks long before I fell in love with you.”

I immediately smile at her words, and then just to mess with her, I say, “I fell in love with you despite all your weird hillbilly quirks.”

“You’re so going to pay for that!” she squeals, climbing back on top of me and capturing my wrists with her hands. “Hands up, Deputy. You’re going to pay for that.”

I smile up at her and give in to her playful demands. “Yes, ma’am,” I mock in an overly thick Southern accent. “Show me your best.”

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