“You’re supposed to be barking,” I turn and say to him and he looks up at me like I’m the one who needs to protect him. His ears go back and I can tell it’ll take some time for him to come around. There’s another knock and Drew goes to the door and opens it.

I look around him and see Kayla just as he opens the door with a bag full of treats. She must have rushed to the pet store right after she left the shelter to make it here. She’s out of breath but smiling like crazy. “I wanted to get Buddy a new home present.”

“Did you wipe out the store?” I tease with a thank you. Buddy runs to her and places his paws on her legs.

“Be a good boy,” she says to Buddy then gives him a wide smile and a pat on the head. “I have to get going. I might have a coffee date later. I’m still waiting on an answer.” The look she gives Drew isn’t lost on me, and I’m half-tempted to ask her with whom, but I don’t push it. I’m willing to bet it’s with Logan. But if she wanted me to know, she would’ve named-dropped who she was going with. Before she leaves, I give her a big tight hug. “I’ll let you know how it goes,” she says.

“I’ll be waiting.” I give her a wink and she’s on her way.

Once she’s gone, Drew comes to me. “Hungry?”

“Starving.” My stomach is growling and all the excitement had pushed it away.

“Want to grab some dinner?”

“But what about Buddy?” I ask as he stares up at me.

“We’ll turn on the TV for him. Apparently, dogs like that. We’ll only be gone for less than an hour. He’ll be fine.” Drew pulls me into his arms. “Damn, you smell so good.”

“If you don’t stop, we’ll never make it to dinner,” I whisper against his mouth as his warm hands run under my shirt. He pulls me closer and I sink deeper into his lips. I feel as if I’m gasping for air as my world mixes and mingles with the taste of him. It’s so hard to pull away because it feels so good to be with him without worry. Somehow, we break apart and we’re both breathless. I glance down and can see the hardness in his pants.

“You’re right. We should go now or you’ll be my dinner. But I just need a minute to get the image of your body out of my head.”

I click the TV on and flip through channels until I find something dog appropriate.

“He’s not going to care what you pick,” Drew tells me, and I gracefully disagree.

“It can’t be something loud with explosions. What about this? Antique road Show.”

“Sure, so when we get back he’ll be able to price all of our prized possessions.”

I snort before laughing. “Shut up.”

Somehow Drew is able to pull himself together enough for us to leave. When it comes to him, I lose my inhibitions and it’s hard for me to break away. Before we leave, we pet Buddy, give him kisses and walk out the door.

“It was so hard leaving him. I can’t help but feel guilty about it especially when he looks at me with his sad puppy eyes.”

We get in the truck and Drew turns and looks at me with his big hazel eyes and pouty lips. “I’ll remember that next time I want something,” he says.

I scrunch my nose and give him a smile as he cranks the truck. “It won’t work because I’ll know you’re playing me.”

He interlocks his fingers with mine and we drive a few blocks down the street to one of our go-to places. It’s a cute deli shop that has the best sweet tea. It almost reminds me of home. Plus, I didn’t want to go too far because I felt bad about leaving Buddy at the house alone. I’m hoping it’ll get easier with time. Honestly, I can’t imagine how Viola feels when she leaves her children. I’m already wrecked over a dog.

We order, sit, and wait for our food. Once Drew starts talking about everything he did today, all I can think about is his lips on mine and how much he means to me. No one or nothing will ever be able to take that away. No amount of threats will change the way I feel about him.

As if he reads my mind, he speaks, and it pulls me back to my reality. “I love you, Court.”

“I love you too. Today I tried to imagine my life without you and it was impossible. I can’t even remember life before you,” I admit. “And now you’ve gone and got me a dog.”

“You’re the love of my life, sweetheart. I’d get you five dogs if it’d make you happy and help you feel safe.”

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